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You don't have to leave notes saying you'll finish it later. Others can edit pages, too, and do some of the work! That's the beauty of Wikia.

Also here's a progress report guys!


Finished 2001 Recap Reviews

I put the first Q&A in a second section. Should it stay like that or should it go with the 2001 reviews

It's fine as it is.

so there has been a group of Vandals going onto the Wiki and putting Solek stuff and false info onto the wiki
and I think I know a few of the vandals via Discord

Holy crap they put in a lot of effort for vandals. Some pages were completely re-written.

I'm considering on deleting the wiki. I don't care about it anymore, and nothing is getting done on it besides reverting vandal posts.

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Might as well. Because it'll probably just end up being hit again by this group. Like I banned them for a year and blocked their IPs but I doubt they're going to be discouraged by it.

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I went through those yesterday and perma-banned.

I don't like dealing with trolls. If they're going to troll, why should we wait for them to troll again for a year?

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I mean, I care about it. You can delete it if you'd like, of course; just make sure to seriously consider what the purpose of a wiki is. I mean, many people put a ton of effort into crafting and maintaining it, and a few of them plan to continue to do so.

It's your decision, but I would highly suggest that you do not delete it.

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It was mainly a temporary solution. I was intending on going back and banning them permanently.


Just a warning: I just had to revert Viper's page back to it's normal state again, along with the Ninjago cast page.

yeah... @Chronicler it might be time to delete the wiki, they are posting disgusting things on it and it is beyond saving to be honest.

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As much as I hate to say it, I think Whaddon's right.


So you want to just give up? To give the vandals exactly what they want?

I have to agree with Azani here, I don't think it should just be deleted. Sure, it's rough now, but give these guys a week, if that, and I bet they'll have move on.

I know I haven't been active lately, and I admit, I only came back because I saw the Wiki was being spammed. But while I was fixing the pages, I saw several things that were out of date or needed to be added, and I planned on returning.

And I'd like to add, if you really want to end it, is there some way to just lock it without deleting it? So that the work on it isn't completely lost?



What happened to the wiki?

Prolly died lol

It is dead and I'd rather not bother with it.

it's still alive, though I keep forgetting to update it from time to time, however @Spyaang is one of the major editors on the wiki right now.

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I tired to visit it and it said it was closed.

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You sure you have the right link?

Heres the current one:

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