The Turaga's Right Hands & The Great Takara?

These three questions are closely related so I hope it’s okay to ask them in the same topic.

  1. After Jaller, Hewkii, Kongu and Matoro became Toa, did their respective Turaga obtain new right hand Matoran?
  2. Do the former Mata Nui Turaga still use the right hand/left hand system?
  3. Do the Matoran still perform the Great Takara dance?

Heh, this is a good question. I don’t think anyone’s bothered to ask this before.


Kopeke (left hand) was also tasked to become the chronicler after Hahli. Nuju, according to his wiki, chose a new translator, but he was never named.
In Downfall, Nuju started speaking Matoran. The right hands might be obsolete, but the Chronicler’s Company were important during Reign of Shadows.