The Two-Tailed Witch ~ A Star Wars Fan Character

A while ago, I made a Twi’lek bounty hunter for a Star Wars RP named “Bxa Brii” as a bit of an experiment. Her whole gimmick was that she used chemicals to do some of her bounty hunter work, becoming known as a “witch” in the Star Wars universe.

Really happy with how this turned out. Do note she is not a Mandalorian; she has armor similar to it, but this is more custom. She also uses parts from Imperial Troopers for her armor. This is due to her originally being an Imperial Scientist before she became a Bounty Hunter.


She certainly has a unique look. I do think that a more obviously chemical or gas related weapon would better complete the look, however. Perhaps a canister slung across her back would do the trick?

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I’ll take that in account next time I draw her.


I like it. Reminds me of the Dathomirian witches from the CW.


Nice! It looks like something straight out of the Clone Wars.

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Hey I know her!

Nice work dude, this is how I imagined your character.