The UBERMORPH (A Dead Space MOC)

Second post. Just pointing it out...

Anyway, the last MOC I posted was a little bit more of a test run. Just to see feedback and the like.

Afterward, I've decided to use some of the aforementioned feedback as best as I could. Along the way, I have also seen a comment about my MOC looking like a Dead Space creature.

I then thought: I could make an intentional MOC about that game, right?

Now, if you know what the title of this post means, then you already know the answer...

Behold, the re-generator himself, the UBERMORPH!
Observe his (CCBS) glory!

This, surprisingly, didn't take very long. Only about an hour or so. Not the most efficient of time-spans, but I'm proud of the result.

And, of course, what would the Ubermorph be without being shown skewering something...

So, yeah! The second MOC I'm posting here.

Like the last one, just give some fair criticism about improvements, flaws, color schemes, gapyness, red/blue pins, etc.

Then, the next time I make a MOC, I can make sure it doesn't look like a jangled mess...

Anyway, if you want to see what the MOC was based on, click this link. Just pretend the red stuff is ketchup.

And now, just in case you've held a grudge for alien zombies up until this point...

Courtesy of MS paint.


This is great! It kind of looks like a dark hunter.


so fab...

I wasn't wrong, you have a knack for making necromorphs apparently.

I really like this, definitely brings up some bad memories from the games.

also, doesn't look like a skittles monster like my necromorph(I should note that it was intentional), this looks far more menacing.



I'm not that familiar with Dead Space, so I'll refrain from comments about proportions and stuff. The colors are good (like the gradient pieces you used, plus the face design.) My main nitpicks with that are the red pieces in his ankles and the grey in his thighs and claws. His transitions work well everywhere except the knees, would like to see some different armor plates used so that it's not as abrupt. Also, try to do something about the exposed balljoints in his fingers.

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I love the last pic. But the long bone pieces with no armour on them stick out...


I really didn't have anything shorter to make his thumb (the open ball-joint) look proportional AND blade-like at the same time, so I just stuck with what I had; same with the armor transition. Though they could be a really easy fix, I can see that.

As for the grey in the legs, it's kinda needed for balance, but I can fix the 'hands'.
('Cause, you know, they're not exactly hands, Per Se, more like blades.)

I didn't feel armor was needed there, just to remain fairly accurate.
Though I do feel like it makes him more lanky than he should be...

Why thank you! This really did take some time just to plan, so I'm glad the build turned out as well as it did.

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