The Ubisoft Theory: A Story/Theory

The theory originally by MatPat on The Game Theorists channel. I’m just adding a small story bit to the theory with the Divison and Assassins Creed.


During the Chicago (Watchdogs) and Assassins Creed storyline, a small band of Assassins who are unnamed and kept under wraps move their operation away from Abstergo personnel in Chicago and travel in a split zig zag pattern across America until getting cornered in Manhatten on a roofed apartment by Abstergo Hunters, till a squad of unknown soldiers gunned down the Abstergo hunters.

As soon as their saviors had saved them, another rival group of unknown hired guns blasted the door on the roof behind them in. They skurried to cover and opened fire. In a few seconds, the unknown hired guns were riddled with lead and blood spilled everywhere.

They handed the Group of Assassins a few pistols and ordered them to follow them down the apartment stairs.

A few floors were being chalked full of gunmen waiting for the right opportunity. Avoiding as much as they could, they were finally treated to the floor 2, which was a bug atrium and were the extraction was coming to cover them, as said by the unknown soldiers. Three excruciating minutes of gunfire was delaying the ride back home, so they had to stand their ground. No hostile had entered the area or blasted any doors in any direction for at least half of the time.

Soon after realizing they had turned into sitting ducks, the hallways behind the left and middle doors started rumbling. Hearing explosions from outside the right hallway, the Soldiers decided to prep for a jump out the second floor glass panel wall. As it turns out, the Blackhawk extraction was a few minutes out