The underway. [Pitch]

As a volcanically island geological activity is not uncommon and should by that logic create some rather amazing sights.
Googling underwater cave you realize that these water ways might strech across the entire island and would allow the water tribe ( That can hazzardlesslys swim all across the island ) to gain uniuqe feature. and or Tactical advantage… Regons being outside their reach would be Ihu as the water would be Frozen, and Mangai that instead of somewhat harmless water holds lava… not a thing I remember any matoran casually taking a swim in.

The Deserts too have them they are just deeper. and probaly has started some issues with the Local mafia… but They are justicars… they should be able to handle a few mobsters.

Other tribes that can’t swim or even hold their breath will mostly be unable to use this.


Beautiful images.

Please notice I did not make them. XD

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Beware, the spawn of Karzahni lurketh in the deeps of the pits…
I really like the idea but I don’t think these paths would be uninhabited.

The last picture makes me think of Gollum’s cave, now I want a Gollum like Matoran. XD

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I know. XD

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I always imagined Karzahni’s spawn to be amphibious or arboreal (vine-like appendages and Cthulhu theme). Although looking at the images again, I could totally see Karzahni-spawn traversing the island through underwater rivers and caverns. That would be creepy.

Mavrah, perhaps? A crazy Matoran that exiled themselves away from Matoran society to live with Rahi and other things?


@Bokarda Like Bingzak! Or whatever his name is…


This is perfect.

What I’m getting from this is ideas for the revamped Mahri-Nui.


@Trande: You mean this? It’s not canon, but it’s still interesting.

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