The Uniters Fight Back- by tak210

So this is a picture based of the three smaller toa fighting to get to the mask of control. They background/foreground is based off the new video game for 2016, and I can't wait to play it!

Special thanks to Var, seeing his amazing work on Tahu and then his Umarak picture really inspired me to make this.


Spectacular job! I really like the textures and overall look of the background.

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Amazing! The quality of this is simply astounding.

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Always such bootifool art. teach me your secrets tak-mastah.

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I like the details, and overall its amazing.

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Comics, comics and hard work.


Absolutely beautiful! :smile:

Holy detail! Great work on this!

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Great work! I just love all the intricate detailing.

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Neat. :smile_cat:

I would never have the patients to draw something that looks that good.

The shading... The poses... It's beautiful!