The Unofficial “I Like Eljay" Topic

Those who like Eljay rather than hate him now have a place to go!


Already made under "The Eljay Fan Club

I love you Eljay! <3

this topic is a complete lie
no one likes eljay

Eljay is great, but everyone in the podcast is great so they are all equal. Even though when applego happens eljay seems to be the leader.

Eljay Eljay Eljay Eljay Eljay IS AWESOME!!!

This topic is the place we're most likely to see the most elusive of internet dwellers... Alena.

It seems that way because future him is telling the story. I can 100% guarantee that in any dystopian future, nobody would ever make him the leader. He'd make way too many enemies in the process. There's a good reason Var's in charge of the group. =P


ELJAY MADE TTV! - angered bzp person

I like Eljay. I enjoy seeing him do recap reviews but I wonder how they'll be affected by Bionicle 2015.

No he didn't, it started with Var and some others under a different name. Check out episode 100 for the full story.

are you trying to reply to squeaverking? if so its a joke

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We shall create the Eljay cult and conquest the world with our Miru-tary.

I should flag this topic for being to scrub tier.

Not actually gonna, don't worry

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Well, someone needs a hug from @Eljay.

Also, *too and *worry.