The Unwavering Loyal, TR-8R

Aight. Im going to start this off with a warning of sorts.
This is a moc based on the relatively new Star Wars film "The Force Awakens". HOWEVER, there will be no spoilers for anything significant. This moc is based on something featured multiple times in the trailers, with only a small bit of the moc brought in from the movie itself. I WILL spoil a small bit of the flick, but keep in mind it is a small, insignificant spoiler. However, if you do not wish to be spoiled in any way, consider this a spoiler warning.

With that being said, meet TR-8R, internet meme of the year 2015. This trooper, famously known for beating Finn and his lightsaber using a weapon known as a Z6 Riot Control Baton, has gained internet meme status for his unwavering loyalty and his sick spins. And here is the hero himself!

The actual MOC here is the weapon itself, the Riot Control Baton, because the stormtrooper is the same as the legit set. However, it fits well and was MADE for this joke so enjoy!
Not much else to say except for "Tell me watcha think in the comments!" and stuff like that so DO JUST THAT! I LIKE TALKING!



yer late to the party og TR-8R mocs

but this guy's fine

yep. a year late. but I got the stormtrooper recently, so I had to.

I hate this meme with every fiber of my being
this is the meme we ended 2015 on!
rant over, the weapon is okay.

im just leaving this here..


Haha, I have no idea what this meme actually is, but....

Good MOC! I only realized a little after I saw it that it was the guy with the tongfa thing from the Force Awakens! :smile:

0/10, riot control baton doesn't look very accurate. A bit out of proportion as well, unless the other TR=8R MOCs I've seen have had overly long batons. Take this as a template.

It looks fine to me. However, it does extend in the movie. This looks like it's retracted, so making an extended version would be ideal.
Simultaneous reaction gif and example:


I still love TR-8R no matter how short-lived it was, and the trooper looks surprisingly good in a cape.

Makes me even more rustled the 2016 are still nowhere to find where I live.