The Usagi

Based off a group from K (the anime). They are in charge of protecting the gold king.

###Bound form

I’ve had this idea for a head for a long time, finally I made it work

A look inside the torso. I’ve finally gotten used to using the uniter torsos.

###Unbound Form


I know this is based of an anime
but this would have been a better unbound form

It is a good moc still


I like the torso on this. I haven’t seen the anime, but this looks cool.

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I don’t like the clashing gold, but the MOC looks pretty neat other than that.

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I like this, but I think the arms aren’t thick enough.

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How can it see

Good question. Anyone have an answer?

i’m getting a lot of Overwatch’s Omnic monk Zenyatta vibes


Ah, that’s just because the Beta’s coming out.

He/she/ it has a terrible case of Krana crotch. I hear they have a pill for that now. Silliness aside, it’s a clever idea and good reuse of iruini mask.

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I was waiting for someone to comment about that. I was in a rush when taking the photos, and only noticed when I posted them.