The Virus Contest Entry

"Beware who you mess with, for I am..."

"The Virus."

Disclaimer: None of these photos are edited, I was trying out a new black-light bulb.

This is my entry for @Willess12's contest. Might as well go to the pics.



I didn't see any info about weaponry for the virus, so I added some. His main weapon is the corrupter. Those who fail his contests, well...

He also can use it to corrupt computers.

I added a gear to mesh with the one that turns the blaster. Now if you bump the gears, you don't lose studs.

I really liked the protector of stone's staff, and this is basically a better, more beefed up version of it.

Here he is without the staff. I went for trans colors, to sort-of represent data. He is made of data, and I thought he should be slightly difficult to see.

I didn't want him to be helpless without the staff, so I gave him a cyber blade. Using it, he can encrypt things. I felt that this mold got the technological look across, while still making him look rather savage.

That's it. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


looks pretty spoopy, just like skull slicer, he looks like a watermelon (yes that's a compliment)


I'm suddenly hungry.

Well. I'll be struck dumb if I win. Good job, Emerald.

I think you will win.


He doesn't look very virus-y,but i guess he's alright.

@Middlefingerstudios @TFM101A

Thank you.

Edit: @Ghosty

I made a new version of him, that looks more like a computer virus, I hope you like it.




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@Ghosty Right here ^^^

This is the Virus.

Where's a slow clap gif?

EDIT: Kapura'd by Emerald.

I'm dumb

This it what that code of binary means:

This MOC is really cool looking, I like it. It looks like a Watermelon slice.

First, I have to say that I do not like the color scheme. I'm not saying that it's bad, but I really dislike it. I'll try to keep that from affecting my judgement. Looking at this MOC the first thing I see to dislike id the shoulders. His torso goes skinny-wide-skinny-really wide, and it's rather off-putting. His weapon is almost too big, but it's alwo rather neat-looking. Also, since it's going for a transparent, hard to see effect, I'd recommend not having the unnecessary silver armor. Other than that, not bad.

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You don't like watermelons? /s
I'm not the biggest fan of it either, but I didn't have enough trans-blue pieces to use that instead.

Could I ask what it is about them?

Not to be defensive, but so that I can avoid it in the future.

Yeah, figured out how to fix that this morning...

The man pourpose of the silver was so I wouldn't have glaringly color-scheme breaking silver protector feet and head. I think the head would have been excusable, but the feet weren't.

The secondary purpose of it was to give it a slightly mechanical look. Probably didn't work.

Overall though, I agree that the silver shouldn't be there. I just wish I had some trans-green protector feet. (Do they even make those?)

Thanks, and thanks for the feedback.


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Nope. But that'd be cool.

I was actually referring to the torso shape, what I described in the next sentence.

I must've proofread this 3 times, don't know how I missed that typo.

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