The Virus: MOC contest

"A mysterious virus has taken over the MB's! Locked out of the boards and their Youtube accounts, Var and the rest of the TTV cast can only watch helplessly as someone hijacks their accounts. The hijacker claims to have taken the cast hostage, and offers them back if and only if one user on the MB's can beat his challenge. Several board members, assuming this is a new game set up by TTV, accept the challenge, only to find their bodies pulled into a dream world ruled by the virus. Their only hope of escape is to free Takuma, the one person who knows how to erase the Virus..."
This is a story I will be writing. In fact, I already have chapter one written. But what does that virus look like? I have no idea. Hence, a MOC contest.

MOC may only feature official Lego pieces
The MOC must feature green(at least one piece), and look like you think a physical computer Virus would look like. Ugly MOC's are encouraged.
You may not submit a picture of Toxic Reapa.
MOC must be a new MOC.

Four (4) first place winners will feature as stars of this story which I shall write (the people pulled into the dream world).
One (1) grand prize winner will star in the story, plus their MOC will be considered the official form of the Virus in the story.

All entries must be completed and posted by 12:00:00 AM Central Time, October 7th 2015.

Judging: As of right now, I am the only judge. Feel free to volunteer to judge, but be warned that Judges cannot enter the contest. Max of two other judges.

Also, quick note: the five winners will be the five people will be pulled into the dream world in the story. Other people will interact with the virus like normal users, so there will be cameos of non-winners in the story.

Edit: I know some people change usernames a lot, so if you do win, you may choose a username to be referred to in the story. Or I will choose the one you go by at the time the contest ends.

(Also, this is my first contest, so if you have any questions or feel I've missed anything, let me know!)


thinks deeply

thinking intensifies

I might enter. But he might have Toxic Reapa's head.

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This story sounds pretty interesting. I'll enter.

Can you give me any details about this virus character?

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I'd love to enter this,but would you mind expanding the timeline a bit?
cause i'm leaving for a little trip today,and i'm not sure i could do it if it ends the 1st.

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Well, it's basically a sentient computer virus. Only within the dream world does it have an actual form, and it tries to look frightening.

Well... perhaps...


Hmm, I don't think I have enough Green...

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Ok, freighting.

I was just wondering if there was any restrictions due to character traits. Like was he/she cool and calculating or anything like that.

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I guess its time to start work on a moc.

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Digital Themed BIO-MOCs.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

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It doesn't have to be all green. Just should have some green on it.


I might be able to think something up.

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I'll enter, Why not.

I'd like to enter.

proceeds to start MOCing

Does LDD count? (I will use existing colors)
If not, I can deal with it.

If only I moced.


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Eh, sure, I guess. But only the existing pieces/colors.

Well, since It just started, and since I just realized October 1st is in 15 days and not 25 like I had intended (Great Math, Willess) Yes.

Deadline moved to October 7th, 2015.

Mainly because I initially intended the entry period to be longer.


Where do you want us to post these MOCs?

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You can post them here, or post them in a different topic and link to the post here. Just as long as there's some mention of the MOC here, or I may not find it (I don't always keep up with new topics).



I'll try to start building when i get back home.