The phone was ringing. Kahi shook his head. He'd almost finished the comic... he could finish it later. He went and found his phone. Where had he left it? Ah, on top of the fridge.

Varderan was calling. Why was he calling? Var only called Kahi directly if it was something urgent. If it wasn't immediately important, he'd just send a Skype message. Worried, Kahi answered the phone.

Varderan cut straight to the chase. "Kahi, there's some kind of virus on the boards."

"What?" Kahi said. Holding the phone, he sat down at the computer and got on the message boards. An alert immediately came up saying that a virus had been detected. Then suddenly, the internet window disappeared.

"What the--" Var said.

"What happened?" Kahi said.

"I don't know, I was suddenly logged out of the boards," Var muttered.

Kahi got back onto the boards. He too was logged out. No big problem, he hoped. He tried logging back in. For a moment, he was logged in as Kahi. An error message popped up. Then the window closed again.

"I can't seem to log on," Var said. "Something's blocking me."

"Yeah, me too," Kahi said. "Try contacting Takuma or Meso." No sooner had he said that than an incoming Skype call came up on Kahi's computer. He answered it. Meso and Var were already in the call.

"Yeah, Kahi and I can't either," Var said. "And if we can't get on the Message boards, we can't do anything about it."

"I already tried calling Takuma," Meso said. "No answer. Have you tried the System account?"

"I just did," Var said. "No luck there. In fact, it logs me out of every account I try to log in under."

"Same here," Meso said. "We need to let the people on the boards know about this somehow. This could be a very bad virus."

"Try contacting one of the other cast members?" Kahi suggested. "Maybe only the three of us are locked out."

"If not, we can call one of the mods," Var said.


It didn't take long for hope to take a deep plunge. Ven and Viper couldn't get on the boards, Eljay, Takuma, and Exx were nowhere to be found, and the only Mod Var could get ahold of was Political_Slime, who was able to log on the boards but couldn't post.

Still, Var wasn't worried. There was another way to reach the fan base. He could make a quick video warning people to avoid the boards. Var immediately set to work on the video.

Political_Slime, meanwhile, was still trying to post. Oddly, posting seemed to be the only thing he couldn't do. He could like posts, he could edit them-- wait a second. If he could edit posts, he could notify the people. Quickly, he set to work editing the latest post, a post by Scarilian on the Bionicle 2016 topic.

"Warning: a weird virus has locked the TTV Cast out of the boards. Recommend you stay off the boards for a while until TTV can resolve the issue." Slime clicked save edit. For a few tense moments, he watched the post say saving... and then the changes were saved. Slime sighed in relief.

He'd sighed too soon. The changes vanished, replaced by the bold text "Inappropriate content removed -Meso".

Huh? Wait, if Meso was able to edit a post, that meant he could log in. Things were back to normal. A moment later, a post came up from Meso. "I have an important announcement." it said in big letters. Before Slime could read the rest, he heard his name. His real name was being called. Oh well. At least the issue was resolved.


Meso watched as the edits appeared on Scar's post. An instant later, the changes vanished, replaced by an edit notice. A moment later, a post appeared beneath it. Meso's name was on top of it, his avatar beside it, but the real Meso wasn't even logged in. He could only watch the post come up, and his worry grew as he read the discourse.

"I have an important announcement." -"Meso"

"Well, what is it?" -Rockho

"Um, are you going to say what it is?" -TFM101A

"Yeah, what is it?" -Nogus1

"Maybe he's putting it in a video or something?" -Middlefingerstudios

"Or Perhaps he accidently hit reply too early?" -Rockho

"Ha! Kept you in suspense. Anyway, my announcement is this: I am not Meso." -"Meso"

"Or maybe he's trolling us? Edit: never mind, didn't see Meso's reply." -Nogus1

"I have taken the real Meso hostage. Along with the rest of the cast, and now I control their accounts." -"Meso"

"...did this turn into an RPG?" -Toa_Jakami

"The only way you'll ever see the TTV cast again is if someone can beat my challenge. Nothing too hard, just a cool new game I've made." -Meso

"Ah. Is this just Meso's... odd way of announcing a new game." -Hawkflight

"I assure you this is no joke. I have the game ready to install, and will PM it to the first few people who request it." -"Meso"

Mesonak banged his fist on his computer. This was beginning to look very bad. Suddenly, he got a message from Var on Skype.

"I can't log onto the Youtube account either. We can't let the fans know what's going on."


The first thing Scarilian noticed upon looking over his notifications was that his post had been edited twice, once by Slime and once by Meso. Curious, he went to the topic. He saw that his post currently said "Inappropriate content removed" -Meso. How odd, considering that nothing had apparently been removed from Scar's original post. Then he noticed the discussion below. Immediately after reading through it. he PM'd Meso to ask what was going on. Then he went back to the topic and read through it again, seeing if he'd missed anything.

Nothing. The conversation had been normal up until Meso's announcement, and Meso had posted nothing since then. Scar was about to post on the topic when a green bubble popped up near his avatar. He had a PM. To his surprise, though, it wasn't from Meso, but from Slime.

"Hey, somehow I've been linked to Meso's PMs. A lot of people PM'd him before you did, but he's only responded to five people. Unfortunately, I can't seem to access the PM's. I also can't post most of the time, so can you relay a message for me? TTV contacted me, an--"

Before Meso could finish reading, the post vanished, replaced by "content removed -- Var." When Scar refreshed, the PM was gone completely, leaving Scar more confused than ever.

That was all Slime could do for now. He'd sent a quick PM to one of the people who Meso'd responded to, asking what the game was, but he had to go. Hopefully Scar would relay the message. TTV was fine, and this was all the work of a sophisticated hacker.



Featuring some cameos, including most of the people who entered the contest and didn't win and a few random people.


Wow. This isn't deserving of a "Good write, good read", this deserves a BEST write, AMAZING read. Good job indeed! :smile:

Plot twist, Slime did it.


Can't wait till the rest is out great job!!

This is starting out really great.

Figure it out...

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This is amazing,can't wait for the next part

no me? ;n;


Well, I had hoped to cameo everyone who didn't win, but I wasn't able to for the prologue.

You did win.

oh yeah
That's right

Why do i keep saying dumb things

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Maybe you should change your name from Ghosty to Silly.

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This was actually pretty great. With one exception: this is how it would mostly go.

Eljay: Meso, there's a virus on the boards.

Meso: Oh, Var or Kahi will fix it. Let's play Destiny.

Eljay: Okay.


This is...

...scarily accurate to how things would go down if the Boards had a serious virus. +10 for creeping me out and also making me a focal character.


well this would be... terrifying

This was extremely well written. Nice Job, man! :smile:

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0/10 no me.

JK this was great. I still don't get why the Virus would reveal itself so early instead of posing as Meso, but I suppose all will be revealed in time.

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Agreed. Now I have shivers going down my spine. And it isn't from Spooky Scary Skeletons.


So when will this continue?

Funny thing: right after I wrote the first chapter, I came down with a bad case of busy, so when I get over that the next chapter will be written.

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Needs more Eljay challenging people to 1v1s.

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Been stuck on this for a while. This chapter is shorter than I'd like, but I want the next chapter to show the cyberworld.
@EvilLobsterKing because I could.

Chapter 1

The_Owl had little time before he had to go, but he decided to check the MB's really fast first. Hoping for leaks, he checked the 2016 topic, saw Meso's announcement. Instantly, he PM'd Meso. Almost automatically, he got a response. It had nothing but a link. Excited, The_Owl clicked it.

It didn't do what he expected.

His computer flashed green so fast, he wondered if he'd imagined it. Then he was on a really weird page that was swiling greenish-yellow that coalesced into Meso's avatar. There was an image on the screen over Meso's avatar portraying an epic, lava-covered landscape. Beneath it was the title "Real adventure", and a link that said download. Suddenly wary, The_Owl clicked the button that said download.

Suddenly he heard his name called.

"Aw," he said. He reached up to switch off his monitor. The moment he touched the button, a jolt went through him. Then he collapsed.


Ghosty was a happy MOCcist.

He'd just gotten the Greivous set. After enjoying it for a while, he'd finally broke down and taken it apart, using the tan parts for a MOC. Now he wanted to show it off. So, naturally, he got on the TTV message Boards.

Before creating a topic for his MOC, he decided to catch up on his "new" and "Unread" topics. He clicked over to the 2016 topic. Scrolling through it, he read through the entirety of the topic and was about to go to another topic when another post came up. This one was Meso's. Curious, Ghosty watched Meso's announcement unfold. When Meso mentioned a game, Ghosty PM'd him, figuring this was Meso's way of making a joke.

Boy was he about to be surprised.


EvilLobsterKing was reading through his Unread Topics, avoiding the 2016 Topic. He'd get to it... eventually, when he had a lot of time. Over 800 new posts in that topic...

He started randomly going to topics, not really checking the title of a topic before he clicked on it. Then, suddenly, the screen flashed green, making ELK jump. He looked at the screen, waiting for it to happen again. It didn't, and ELK began to wonder if he'd imagined it. Then he noticed the Topic title:


It took him a moment to realize he was in a PM. Paradox had PM'd Meso asking about some game. Meso'd responded with a link. ELK smiled. He probably wasn't supposed to be in this PM, but here he was with a link to a game. ELK could go to this game, and who would know the difference? He clicked the link. He was half-tempted to give a conspirational grin.

The temptation didn't last long.

The screen flashed green again. Then he was taken to another webpage, one with Meso's avatar as the background and a white square in the center. Text appeared:

"How did you get here?"

Confused, ELK typed back "I followed Meso's link to this topic" Then he realized his mistake and swapped out "Topic" for "page"

More text appeared: "I didn't PM you."

ELK typed back "Well, I got a PM from you."

"No, you didn't," the text replied. "You have hacked the MB's somehow." The white square turned green for a moment, then a bunch of green ones and zero's appeared. Then the internet window closed. When ELK got back on, he was banned from the MB's.

"Hey!" He said. Okay, now he was mad. No Problems. This was a misunderstanding. He'd get in touch with one of the mods and get it straightened out.

Or was it? ELK remembered the flashes of green, the green ones and zeros, and the way his browser had closed. This had virus written all over it.

To be continued in a longer chapter. Yay for varying chapter lengths.
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