The Wasteland of Bara Magna

“Parched. Sandy. Harsh. The desert planet of Bara Magna is no place for the faint of heart.”

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i always liked 2009. alot. like really, i love it.

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Happy holidays and a happy new year to the message boards!

-Ruben “Cat”


Nice picture :smiley:

I’m surprised that giant socket hasn’t broken.


Rip Zesk 2009-2009.

This reminds me of the statues in Bionicle: Heroes levels.

Great job! This captures the look of the wastelands very well and that flag is a nice touch.

Nice. I always liked the promo of the giant limbs, this captures the spirit of wonder perfectly. The moons in the background are a great touch.

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Looks amazing! It’d be cool to add in a little Bara-Magnan to give more of a scale, too!