The Watcher

The watcher is a completely new character that I made. It is a spiritual being that nobody on land has seen before. It fights for neither side, but it’s power could destroy both.

It can use the power of any mask in it’s favor…
QUESTION: If it were to wield Kardymis’ mask, what kind of abilities would it gain? (I don’t know the answer. You give me suggestions.)
Here is an up to date picture of Kardymis just in case.

Tell me what you think…


Is he an enhanced being?

How many levels has he transcended our comprehension?

Cool! I like the Mixel eye! (For the update: 0/10, not enough horns! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reminds me of the Underworld Gate Keeper from Kid Icarus :P. :+1:


It is only a minor update, and I added an antenna piece, but i never intended for him to have horns, and the photo was mainly for reference for people to answer the question. What element, or power is Kardymis?

Pretty nifty design, the in-humanoid look really makes it look like a formless spirit.

Ok. If he had metru red, I would suggest shadow, but that’s just me…

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I got to admit this looks great.
Does he levitate?

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Yes he does