The "Which Comic Books Should I Get?" Topic

Batman’s pretty great. I recommend the court of owls storyline to an extent, but more so I recommend death of the family, zero year, and endgame. DOTF and endgame are related (endgame comes a bit after), but both are very good.
Zero year is a fun read I never got to the end of, but if you read Death of the family, I recommend endgame extremely. It’s a great finale to batman and joker’s conflict.
Death of the family really fleshes out the Joker’s insanity.
I do like the court of owls, but yeah, I’d say endgame, death of the family, and zero year are great.

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Do you have any other suggestions?


That’s it.

Blackest Night and Brightest Day.
Those go together, and are good for a wide entrance into DC.

Kraven’s Last Hunt. That’s a great Spider-man story.

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I saw DC Rebirth and panicked, then I calmed down after seeing it’s in the same continuity.

What exactly is this?
I’ve been seeing stuff on Twitter, but am always too lazy to click on the links and videos.

So, this topic was inspired by that other one right?
Well, time for a little bit of potato masher justice.
Should I get around to buying the 2016 Bionicles, or, get some sweet sweet comics?

That’s a nasty poser, sir.
I’d say both, honestly.


It’s in the same continuity as the New 52, but reset to #1.


Oh, and if you’re not into the superhero stuff, check out the Invader Zim comics.

I’m going to the store tomorrow, here’s what it looks like.

It looks decently big, but it’s hard to tell.