The White Knight (V 2.5)

This is V 2.5 of my self Moc the White Knight, which I posted V 2 a while ago, and finally made enough changes that i think that he can have a new topic. I have made slight changes to him to make him more proportionate and increase poseability. T-bar clips are officially my favorite joint on Mocs of this scale.

do you think he improved?

Constructive criticism accepted, and Enjoy!


No. /s


What @Leoxandar said.


If I’m honest, I suggest trying to add a slope piece facing down below his chest.

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I really like this guy as with the first but the legs feel exposed.

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The legs feel exposed? what do you mean by that?

yeah, i’m working on that, i’ve completely dismantled the chest to try to rebuild it while keeping the same aesthetic. I haven’t succeeded yet. :expressionless:

He looks cool, though I feel that the feet and chest look off (the look of the feet is quite odd, and how far the chest sticks out)
@OmegaTahu the feet just look odd with their width and the gap in between the toes(?)

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The side armor of the shins goes farther out then the front armor and the front thigh armor is showing the bottom of the plate but this is just a nitpick really.

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Does the dude fit inside?

@Kardax No, this isn’t a mech.

@Omega_Tahu ah ok, just thought thats what the minifig was for, still a great moc dude :slight_smile:

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