The Wild Bull - Kane-Ra Revamp

I'm back again with my second-to-last 2001 Revamp MOC. Just take a look at those teeth! Please upvote and comment!



Top Angle



New and Old Comparison

Kane-Ra vs. Kopaka

The Battle Continues!

The Wild Bull vs. The Master of Ice!

Last up, though it was actually the first model I began work on, the Manas Revamp is on it's way. Stick around for it, you won't wanna miss, The Monster.


The Kane-Ra looks like a Mukau compared to Kopaka 2015 XD


Very, very well done. I have greatly enjoyed these revamps, all of which are the swellest rahi I've seen.

All I can think of is Eljay's skit for this set stuck_out_tongue

This is pretty cool, well done! smile

The body is a bit too thin in my opinion as it goes further toward the back. But the entire front half is legitimately intimidating.

The smaller back section and back legs were intended to be smaller. I wanted to give it that cartoonish look, while still keeping it intimidating.

Perhaps, but it looks a bit plain. Maybe try adding something onto those Technic liftarms.

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You know, I really like the other MOCs in this series. I really do.

I don't know if it's the texturing, the overall look, or what, but this one just doesn't strike me as all that great.

Despite that, I do think it would look great with the others (if you did that in a picture already and I just don't know it's because some of the images won't/take forever to load).


The group pictures, and a bonus, are coming in a few days. Keep an eye out wink

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