The Wings of Fire topic

Inspired by the what are you currently reading topic, this is the place to discuss the Wings of Fire book series! Feel free to discuss theories and favorite characters and tribes!

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Wow, more than myself and two others read those books? Neat
I havent stayed on top of things, though I’ve read up to book 14

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Book twelve was the last book I’ve read. I’m waiting for book 15 to come out so I can binge read the last three books. What do you think about the netflix series that is being worked on?

oh no…

dunno, Ill have to hope its decent animation style (something like the cover art for the books would be cool, but I’d want it to be a series on the books, not new story)


That was my reaction as well. It will be interesting to see how they handle the violence in the series.

Great that a topic was made for this!

Favorite characters, that’s tough because I think they’re all so interesting, lol. Maybe Jambu, I just think he’s really funny. I also think Chameleon is a really interesting character with all his transformation spells.

I’m terms of just interesting characters, Darkstalker is a really interesting character to me, he might be the most interesting villain in fiction imo. I went from being really intrigued by him, to really disliking him after Darkstalker, to feeling bad for him after Darkness of Dragons. I’m just honestly not sure what to feel about him, he’s a very complex character.

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Clay is my spirit animal


clay is not an animal

clay is a molding compound

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I agree Darkstalker is an interesting character, I also felt bad for him in Darkness of Dragons. How did you feel about his eventual fate? I have mixed emotions about what eventually happened to him.

Tbh, this is probably why I felt most bad for him. I feel like he didn’t deserve that fate. He did bad things, and there was a part of him that was bad, but there was a part of him that was good too. One thing I wondered about is if instead of turning him into another dragon, they could have written a spell that just removed all his powers.

Clay is a character in the books. Beeg Mudwing that likes to eat

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