The world of darkness(fan serial)

It is a fan serial about an alternate universe where Makuta Teridax won.

1. The Golden-Skinned Being don't exist in this alternate universe(Because of this, the Piraka are not fused) 2. Mazeka, Vultraz, and Vezon never came back to Matoran Universe

Now let’s began the story!


Tahu was fighting in a world full of sand. Hours ago, The Ignika turned him into his original form to make him able to wear the golden armor. Now, only one piece of the armor is needed. Tahu noticed Toa Takanuva was running toward him, holding the last piece of the golden armor. Just then, a portal opened and Makuta Tridax stepped outside of the portal. Then, he captured Takanuva and went inside the portal, taking the part of gorden armor in progress.

Mata Nui saw what have just happened on the surface of the desert planet. He was stunned. Makuta Teridax used the opportunity to push him at the fragment of the water planet, leading Mata Nui to death. After that, Teridax used his power of gravity and crashed three planets into pieces.

Axonn saw three planets crashed with each other and eventually destroyed. He turned around his head. Everyone shaked their body in fear. “It’s all over. It’s the end…” Brutaka said. “We have failed. We’ll gonna die in this dark, co…ol…d…” Brutaka stopped talking. Axonn tried to cheer him up. However, he couldn’t. His mouth was frozen. Soon, he was sleepy. ‘If I sleep now, I may not woke up again,’ the bulky titan thought. ‘I will not fall asleep, I will not…’

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They didn’t notice that the Toa of Ice were totally unaffected by the cold, and the Toa of Plasma were able to make enough heat to keep some others alive…

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wait, but if the planets were shattered, wouldn’t they die of lack of oxygen?

also neat story

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@DuneToa But beings who was on the planet would died due to the effect of explotion, and there was no toa of ice or plasma with him
@Rukah Thank you!

Yes, they are likely to die.

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To clarify, the 3 planets are 3 random planets, and not Bara, Bota, and Aqua Magna?

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That’s not true. It is Bota, Bara, and Aqua Magna.

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Ah, I just did some research; I didn’t know that Axonn and Brutaka were in outer space at this point in the story, which is why I was confused

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timeline: 16 years after the Makuta’s take over of the Matoran universe.

“Work Harder!” Ahkmou commanded at Po-Matoran labors who were building the statue of himself. “Or I’ll destroy all of you!” Suddenly, a Matoran came to him and tried to attack him with his dagger. Ahkmou avoided it and grabbed the Matoran’s right arm. The Matoran dropped the dagger. “Ally, how dare you attack me!” Ahkmou said. “Do you think you could kill me? I am not a Matoran like you!” It’s true. 10 years after the Makuta’s take over the Matoran Universe, Ahkmou was granted numorous powers and strength by the Makuta to rule the Universe instead of him. Since then, Ahkmou became very violent. He grabbed Ally’s dagger and cut the Matoran’s arm. The Po-Matoran screamed in pain. Ahkmou then used his power of stone, burying the matoran alive.

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