The World of Eres (Preview 2)

Afternoon passed as Hana and Thisa arrived at the docks of Fallix. The salty sea air swept through the urban presence once lightly tinged of coal and warmth. The wooden boards along the dockside creaked with each passing step, as passers-by and boat attendees traveled in all different directions to destinations unknown. Old boats of metal, wood, and steam rocked against the port tides, stretching and swaying the ropes that bound them.
Upon the entrance of the dock, a small townhouse refashioned into a station way sold tickets to various destinations reachable by Fallix. Toukan Jungle, Veruma Gardens, Oken, and most importantly Solais. Hana approached the counting booth, giving a formal nod to a very rugged and seaworthy man whom payed little mind as he counted paper currency from past clients. Hana fixed her glasses and attempted a more assertive approach, giving a forceful cough. The man peered from the corner of his one good eye at the two young travelers, his locked jaw raising as he adjusted the tabacco in his mouth.
“Destination?” He grunted, in a slurred tone that seemed to irritate Hana.
“We…” She paused to calm herself. “We two faring travelers wish to purchase two of your finest tickets, our destination in mind is the Bad Wolf Bay of Solais”
The man took a second look, getting up and leaning over the counting booth to come closer. The wood creaking upon his weight.
“Not many go to the bay now. Too much pirate activity down south. If I were you, I’d go back to Windrix where ya’ll came from.”
“Uh…Villex actually.” Thisa noted, as frustration colored Hana’s face.
“Look, kind sir.” Hana insisted, “I would like to acquire two tickets to the continent of Solais, if you do not mind.”
The man grunted rudely and spit his tobacco onto the dock. Slamming down two colored papers and presenting his hand to Hana. She breathed heavily as she calmed, presenting the man with the correct amount of currency.
“Best I can offer you two.” He grunted, pointing to the southern most dock.
“Ship is already docked. Will be leaving in a moment. Best to get going.”
With that, he shoved another piece of tobacco into his maw as Thisa and Hana headed for their ship with papers in hand.
“I wonder what kind of ship he got us on?” Thisa wondered,
As they arrived at the ship, they saw what it was. A fishing vessel, rusted and old, with a thick indescribable smell and a crew of rugged and dirty kin, Ratfolk and Tauren, Hana stared in disgust.
“You have to joking with this…”


is this a human universe?
I would assume so from the items and names

Yes it is. However humans, mortals, only consist of one fourth of the entire population.

what are the rest?

Half the entire population consists of Foxfolk and Tauren. However both are isolationists in their own way. Foxfolk live in tight close communities cut off from the outside world, whereas Taurens keep to jobs that require a lot of traveling or time outside of towns. Because of this, it’s often mistaken that mortals are the most populate species. Mortals themselves split into different subspecies. Emberites, Serethians, Mokorans, Dramokan, Halfings, and Allans.

There are also elves, dwarves, leonin, kobolds, waterfolk, ursine, ratfolk, equine, and batfolk.

Lesser sentient species include goblins, orcs, trolls, and dragons.