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Hello, guys! And I return with my “unexpectedly born” MOC Vulture, the biggest parrot you have ever seen.

About wings. First I wanted to use turbines from Jetrax T6, but it’s TOO easy I think))

And parrot’s back. Yeah, I see this joint, but I left it (and three little holes) unused to connect with his wings (sorry, I hope that I wrote all right because I don’t sure).

Thank you all and good night)


Holy. Cow. This is unbelievably awesome! Great job!

This is completely amazing. Well done, sir.

MOC Spotlight in 3, 2, 1…


This… is… flipping fantastic!!!


@Ven definitely


This is just done so well

Amazing. The wings have brilliant construction, the colors are excellent, and the pilot himself is absolutely brilliant.

I love the use of all the parts to pull off all the intricate details of this incredible MOC.
Also, beautiful blend of Constraction and System.

Pure amaze balls!

I haven’t seen the Movie but from what I can tell it’s super accurate! Great job!

Dang this guy is cool and those wings magnifique! Just one question. Can he hold up those wings by himself?

Rather interesting title there, it certainly lives up to the MOC itself. The graphics that complement the photography of the MOC beautifully, and the Vulture Wings are no small feat, and the parrot himself is also breathtaking in design. All in all, a very solid and well-done MOC.

I… I don’t have words.

“Business is good,” eh?

Amazing work!

Throw this up on Lego IDEAS pls; I’d vote for it.

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It has to be possible to be a regular set first…

It’s pretty nice though

Phenomenal, Awesome job!

looks sick ,i don’t think i could build like that

Thank you all, guys! Your comments are very important for me)

Unfortunately no. They’re too big and heavy for the little pilot. It’s very interesting how they can hold up in the movie? Only computer magic I think;)

Hmmm… This is very cool idea, guys! I think it’s time to make a Lego Ideas account)

Do it do it do it