The Worst Film(s) of 2015

Given that there's already a topic regarding the best films of 2015, I decided to make one about the worst films of 2015. For me, 2015 was an overall excellent year for movies, though there were a few that left me displeased when exiting the theater.


Before I get onto what I disliked about the film, I will first go over what I liked. The first thing I liked was CHAPPiE, as his character felt the most likeable of the group what with more attention being put on him. Another thing I liked about the movie was the concept, a city is facing trouble with record high crime rate and purchase robots from a manufacturer in America to deal with the issue. Aside from that though, the movie really falls flat on its face when it comes to many of the major aspects, the first of which being that many of the characters focused on weren’t all that interesting or likeable, just one dimensional thugs that apparently are misunderstood. CHAPPiEs creator could have had potential as well, but for some thing I will explain later on. Then there was the villain, who seemed to just pop up at random times and barely got any screentime. Another problem I have with the film was how hammered in the message was, just every second all you heard was, ‘you are unique CHAPPiE’, ‘We are all misfits’, rather than having it be more subtle. Though the biggest problem I had with the film, was the general focus and direction they went with the plot. Instead of it mainly centering around CHAPPiE being raised by criminals, I would have liked it if more focus were put on the rivalry between Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman’s characters, and their respective creations.

San Andreas-

If you've seen disaster movies like 2012, this movie should be no different. San Andres is predictable and uninteresting, the plot is that the San Andreas fault is slipping... and a family is trying to reunite in the midst of it. The only upsides to this movie was some of the performances, particularly Dwayne Johnsons character, his wife, and the seismologist. Granted their characters weren't outstanding, but the acting was good. Then there was the special effects, and.. that's it! The film overall is a decent popcorn flick, but it doesn't stand up well as its own film.

Fantastic Four-

I walked into this movie with low expectations, already do most remakes suck (lookin at you The Day the Earth Stood Still) so why wouldn't this film be any different? Yeah, I still stand by that statement.

I think a majority of the Fantastic Four's problems can be summed up in two words, dull and uninteresting. The plot is boring as nothing happens in it, the Fantastic Four get their powers, Doctor Doom tries to destroy the earth and… that's it! Another aspect of the plot which didn’t catch on with me is that the world building is non existent, thus I had no real care whether or not the planet was being destroyed. The characters themselves were stale, as the writing was lousy and the relationships between them were more wooden than a tree so I didn’t find myself attached to them, nor was the villain appealing. The performances were bland as well, lacking the wit and energy found in many of the other films. Lastly the effects, CGI, and overall look of the film was very unconvincing and quite dull.

BTW, I hated the way they designed The Thing, he looked like a cross breed between that cave troll from The Lord of the Rings and the rock biter from The Neverending Story.

So that's just my list. What movies this year did you hate, or found not to live up to your expectations?


Basically didn't watch any of the films on this list because they all looked bad to me.

Was Jupiter Ascending a film that came out this year, or last year? Because I remember people saying that thing was terrible.


I actually didn't see a lot of bad movies this year, that being said I agree with you

Chappie was pretty bad, I couldn't even watch all of Fant4stic

And let's not forget FSoG.

T'was a pretty funny comedy


Point Break...

I've heard it's the worst movie of 2015 from many people.


all of them

even Star Wars?

Second verse same as the first.

all of them

I didn't watch any movies this year

You're not very optimistic, are you?

Not really, seeing as that I spent a New Years party thinking what free Xbox games we're getting in January


I didn't see that many movies last year, but from I've heard The Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 was pretty bad.

haven't ALL those movies been bad?


Good point.

The new Terminator and Pixels were said to have sucked, at least by critics.

Minions wasn't anything to good. In fact, my brother hated it.


The worst movie for 2015, well for me at least, was Home. Filled with unnecessary celebrity talents, a rather annoying soundtrack, Trends that will ultimately date this movie, and characters that make me want to gouge out my eyes with a spoon, it just doesn't work.

It also doesn't help that Inside Out came out a few months later. It almost feels like a DreamWorks Exec saw the general premise of the film, and then yelled at the writers to "make a movie that involves emotions and do it quick."


My sister wanted me to watch Home, but I refused to. It just looked so dumb to me.


Try sitting through the entire movie. You'll want to run into your TV.

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No thanks, I'm good. :expressionless: