The Worth of Gold

Remember when gold was very rare and unique? Like, it was exclusive only in Takanuva, or in the case of the golden Kanohi of '01? Then over the years it became moar numerous. Nao, gold is everywhere. Tahu, Kopaka and Onua and Ekimu had too much of it, and here in 2016, Tahu and Ikir have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much gold. It was better when you could get gold pieces in very certain exeptions, because that is what made the gold moar valuable, instead having it EVERYWHERE.


Bruno Westerwave’s dream has come true.

If anyone gets that reference then you are way too old

Presumably kids like to build MOCs with lots of gold on them. If we’re going to get metallic colors at all, I’d like them to be colors that can be used on characters that don’t look like millionaires, such as silver and gunmetal.


Gold has seen an increase in other themes like late Chima and Ninjago, not just Bionicle. Gold signifies rarity and worth and that’s what helps sell sets I guess.

I’m more bothered that Gold is used to give someone special-snowflake status instead of being integrated as part of a colorscheme.

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Anyone remember that 50th anniversary set that was special because it had three gold bricks?



I think it’s fine. Goes with the whole ancient egyptian vibe they have going on. Plus, the Toa are supposed to be the most important characters, it’s not like there are special or elite branches of Toa like in G1. These are the only Toa. They are treated like mythical gods in Okoto’s community. The metallic colours reflect that.

But that’s a story element we don’t know, we really don’t know how many toa there are. And if a set is overly clad in gold and then they say “sorry reasons”, that doesn’t fix that it’s overly clad in gold. And if they are like gods, why are only three gold? Wouldn’t they all get that treatment?

Story wise it kinda makes sense but it’s a shallow way to sell sets. Cause once you dig into it, it’s clear that it’s just to sell the sets and not the characters or story along with the sets(like in g1). But if the villagers clad some of the toa in gold, why did some of them fall from the sky wearing gold armor?


Gold is just another color. Like silver.

It’s not that particularly amazing anymore.


I liked it when gold was more rare. I don’t like having an over abundance of it in my parts bin, especially because I don’t wand most of my MOCs to have it in their color scheme.

I also don’t like it when a new mold comes in only silver or gold. Or gunmetal for that matter. I’d like to see the 2015 piston piece in blue and green. The new 2016 armor piece is rather disappointing, because it only comes in silver and gold.


(cough) its dark flat gold. GOSH.

It is a subset of the overarching color concept of gold. Gosh.

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If you were a bionicle fan in 2001, silver used to be rare like gold. I remember getting the Exo-Toa when it came out and the shiny colors were really exciting. Then the color got thrown into every weapon ever and it got old fast.


Aw i remember when shiny colors were rare. Aw good times. Sadly those times are behind us, and now the color brown is worth more then gold. Which in my opinion is sad. but that’s just an opinion, my opinion.


Let’s not forget about how trans was relatively rare too :stuck_out_tongue: