The X-Keepers Topic

The X-Keepers are a group of Youtubers that include Cynical (TheGamersJoint), HMK, SkywardWing, and SoraAlam1.

And before I go any further, I will address the elephant in the room. I know there is a Kingdom Hearts topic already. But this is a topic discussing a group of YouTubers who just so happen to be interested in Kingdom Hearts. Plus they do talk about other things. Cynical sometimes discusses PlayStation games, HMK talks a lot about Nintendo franchises, and Skywardwing does Steven Universe reviews. I don't know about SoraAlam1 because I haven't really watched his videos yet....

Anyways, have you heard of these guys? what do you think about them? What do you like about them? Discuss away.

And you can talk about Volteditzz here, but I am not going to. For those that don't, he was kicked out of The X-Keepers a little bit ago.


Never heard of them. Once. And I don't like Kingdom Hearts in the slightest, so sorry.


Then why did you post a reply?!?

Pardon my outburst, but why would you go posting in a topic related to something you don't like?

Never heard of these guys, and I don't like Kingdom Hearts in the slightest.

Oh, wow. I typed the exact same thing as you. Weird.

Because he has to read and reply to every Topic to become a Master.


I give up.


Aww, poor Chao. Don't give up, I'm sure there are people like you. :smile:


Hmmm. That might be a turn off for me.

Well, I already have Caddicarus for PS1 and a whole bunch of peeps for Nintendo...

I might give this channel a look, with the Key Word being "Might", kiddies.

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I can't win tonight...


Only know about HMK.

return to Master*

But, to answer your question @ChaoticTempleKnight I replied because I have an opinion, and sharing opinions leads to discussion.

Yeah, I know you've been one before, but the two mean the same thing. You are once again becoming a Master.

But what is there to discuss if you're not into the X-Keepers?

Dang it, I need a picture of philosoraptor right now.

We could discuss why I don't like it, or you could give your opinion. That's how discussion works.

I don't know how much mileage that conversation is going to have... being completely honest.

only heard of hmk. sorry dude.

Yeah, I've heard of all of them :smile:

I would recommend checking Cynical, Skyward Wing and SoraAlam out :smiley:

Edited for double-post. Don't sweat it; everyone does it their first time on the Boards (even me!) But do give the site rules a look through if you haven't.--John Sheppard

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Hold up, that is double posting.

I would recommend checking the others out :smiley:

Whoops, sorry about that. This is my first time on this site :sweat: