The Xbox TTV Fan Group

So Xbox recently introduced this club thingy, so what was my first thought? Make a TTV group you nerd and you might make some friends if it’s not totally ignored and passed over.

So I made a club. Except I didn’t call it the TTV fan club because I didn’t want us pictured as a bunch of fanboy twelve year olds.

So the club is called ‘The TTV Fan Group’. If you wanna join just ask and put your gamertag here and I’ll invite you, or search for it on Xbox.


my gamer tag is Trev44

hm… this could be promising

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I’d join if I had an xbox

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hit me up at halocaleb

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XevinsofCheese is my current GT.

(I had other names on other accounts but due to numerous reasons I don’t use them anymore)


well why not

mdlefngrstudios is me


@trev44 , @Calebmar12, @Xevins , @Middlefingerstudios, @Zero did any of you get the invite?


Im in the group mi amigo

I can’t tell yet since I’m at school

I’ll check later.

I havent had the chance to look. If there is an issue i will be back

I misspelled my name:


@Screeching_Out_Loud my gamer tag is Chosenpepper105

@Shadowrockboy190 I couldn’t find ya.

Nevermind it was 106 not 105