The xkcd Topic

Hey everyone who know's what xkcd is! Here's a topic to post all of your favorite xkcd comics.

What is this? You've never heard of xkcd? Well today is your lucky day! Go to and discover the amazingness.

here are a couple of my favorites:

#325: A-Minus-Minus

#1086: Eyelash Wish Log


xk means why on spanish, a really vulgar spanish

anyway so, that's a page about little comics?



Whoever wrote xkcd is a genius.

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That would be one Randall Munroe, and yes, he is. Not only that, he also has a weekly article called What if which takes on crazy what if questions with actual physics.


I love What If ever since I got the official book for my birthday. I never knew there was a site for what if questions though.

Oh yes, that's where it all began...

I wish I had the what if book...

It's pretty dank, but I live all the random comics from regular xkcd.

I love xkcd

That being said

To keep this thread from being attacked by velociraptors and closed, make sure to actually say something in all your posts and not just copy/paste comics

It doesn't have to be a lot, but try to give some semblance of having a discussion

'Cause we're on a discussion board. XD


With that out of the way:


This is a new one of the "What If" section.
I really like the 4th picture, with its subtle joke.

Another one I like but couldn't find was one my dad showed me about making a periodic table of elements with the actual elements.
And destroying the world because of it.


@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air I see you've been reading the newest What if.

This actually happens to me all the time.


It's amazing how you completely disregarded this:

Like, 6 minutes after it was posted.

What @John_Smith said is right. If all you're gonna do is post a comic from the site, this topic will be closed.


Sorry, sorry, didn't see that part.
I'll fix it.

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I have a book from the creator of xkcd, called "What if". It's hilarious.

But just to be sure, I got in touch with a friend of mine who works at a research reactor, and asked
him what he thought would happen to someone who tried to swim in their radiation containment pool.
β€œIn our reactor?” He thought about it for a moment. β€œYou’d die pretty quickly, before reaching the
water, from gunshot wounds.”

My dad has that book.

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Do you read it sometimes? :smile:

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I have no clue where it is right now, though.

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My opinion of all of the Air Bud movies: