The yellow Ruru

I remember many, many years ago on BZPower, someone found a misprint yellow Ruru.
If they added this to a Sand Tarakava replica, would it be the most accurate one ever, as it contains only official Lego elements? It’d only be missing the prototype claw piece.


Did it have the code on it?
If so, maybe it wasn’t just a misprint, but the actual mask from the Sand Tarakava! As far as we know, a few of the prototypes were given to random collectors, so is possible that some people still might have it today…

Sorry, forgot to mention that it didn’t actually have a code on it. In 2001 mask packs there about 14 verified misprints. These were hard to find but it really is amazing how someone found a yellow Ruru when misprint Rurus apparently only came in 6 colours. Maybe this mask could be rarer than the Sand Tarakava Ruru, as there’ only 1 of it…

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