The Yesterday Quest (Unofficial Continuation) - “BIONICLE: Reborn”

I posted this on Reddit over the summer, but it’s about time I posted it here as well. This is not an official continuation, but rather my idea of where the story could have gone had it been continued. This is part of my “BIONICLE: Reborn” project, an attempt to wrap up the loose threads of G1 in a concise story. More coming soon.

For a recap of the canon chapters of “The Yesterday Quest”, check out this link:

Chapter 4

Chiara wasn’t known for being patient on the best of days, but this journey was starting to test her limits. She’d gone along with Zaria’s plan in the hopes of catching Kabrua and his Vorox by surprise from their elevated position, but was dumbfounded when her Lightning powers suddenly seemed to abandon her. Judging from Zaria’s expression and the way Gelu and Orde had abandoned the plan, she figured the same must’ve been true for them, as well. While Kabrua and two of his trackers had gone after them, the other two Vorox had stayed behind in the clearing below, clearly searching for the rest of the party.

“Any luck?” she whispered to her companion. Zaria reached out again towards the Vorox, trying with all his might to call one of their weapons to him, but it didn’t move an inch.

“Nothing.” he muttered. “We’re trapped.”

Chiara’s eyes caught a glint of something in one of the Vorox’s hands. She looked closer, and noticed he was holding a small silver box covered in buttons with an antenna sticking out of the top. A small red light flashed on the front of the device.

“I think that device is what’s shutting off our powers. We need to get it so we can get our powers back.” Chiara focused for a moment, activating her Mask of Stealth, and found to her surprise that it still worked, camouflaging her and dampening her sound. “My Volitak still works. Whatever that thing is doesn’t work on mask powers.”

“You have a plan?”

“Not a great one, but yeah. Wait for my signal, then try reaching out with your powers again.” Chiara took a deep breath and activated her mask again. Slowly, she made her way down the outcropping to the ground below, taking great care not to stir up any leaves or dirt to alert the enemy to her presence. The Volitak was excellent for masking Chiara’s presence, but it didn’t make her invisible. If the enemy was alerted to her movements, she’d be defenseless.

Steadily, surely, Chiara crept up behind the Vorox holding the device, grabbing a stone off the ground as she did. In one swift motion, she swung the rock as hard as she could, knocking the tracker out in a single hit and causing him to fall to his back. Before she could grab it, the remote fell to the ground, shattering.

The other Vorox whirled, raising his ranged weapon towards her, only to have his weapon ripped by Zaria with his Iron powers. Faster than he could react, Chiara planted a palm on the tracker’s chest and let loose a burst of electricity, knocking him unconscious. Moments later, Zaria rejoined Chiara on the ground below.

Zaria looked at the shattered remote with disappointment. “We could’ve learned something from that. Maybe taken it to someone back in New Atero who could’ve analyzed it and figured out how to counteract it."

Chiara shrugged. “Sorry. Hopefully Kabrua has another one.”

Just then, there was a loud rustling in the brush beside them, and Zaria raised his new weapon while Chiara charged a bolt of lightning in her hand, ready to strike.

“It’s us!” Gelu said, stepping out of the bushes with his hands raised. Orde followed along beside him. “We gave Kabrua the slip. Looks like you guys handled your trackers, as well. Orde has some news to share.”

Orde recounted to his teammates how he’d read Kabrua’s mind and learned that not only was his master one of the Great Beings, but he had been secretly living within the Great Spirit in disguise, and had now emigrated to Spherus Magna with the rest of their people.

“Did you get a look at who it was? Or see their face?” Zaria asked.

Orde shook his head. “No. I had to pull back before Kabrua could sense me. But I did learn that whoever this Great Being is, they are not friendly. This Being has been plotting something for over a hundred thousand years, and I didn’t get the sense that they were planning on welcoming us to this world with open arms.”

“We need to capture Kabrua.” Gelu said. “He could tell us more about this Great Being and what his plans are.”

Orde turned his attention to one of the unconscious Vorox. A plan began to form in his mind, and he allowed himself a small smile. “I think I may know how to get his attention.”

Somewhere, not far from where Zaria, Chiara, Orde, and Gelu were currently fighting for their lives, something else was stalking through the forest. Though it was large and bulky, the being moved near-silently, its footsteps light and gentle on the jungle floor. Though its pace was unhurried, it did have a sense of purpose to its movements, following a strict path through the trees.

The being had no thoughts, not really. It wasn’t the kind of being that had the time or even the capacity for true thought. It had directives, and it had an awareness of its surroundings, but it had no opinion on those directives, no emotion to guide its steps. It had a purpose – a duty, one might say – and it would devote all of its energy to the execution of that purpose.

Not much farther into the jungle, the being could sense them: three beings who possessed an abundance of elemental energies, whose biomechanical nature denoted them as something alien, other, from this world.


The being had no opinion on Toa, either. It didn’t need one. The Great Beings, in their wisdom, had not felt it necessary for their creation to have such unnecessary things like “emotion”. It didn’t care whether the Toa were protectors, or warriors, or tyrants, or villains. Such titles did not matter. What did matter was that the Toa possessed massive amounts of elemental energies, enough to make them a threat to the natives of this world. And that couldn’t be allowed to continue. These threats had to be eliminated.

“For our people.” its creator had said. “You will be their Salvation.”

And so the being called Marendar continued its trek, tracking the beings that posed a threat to all its creators had built. It had to. It knew nothing else.


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I like the description of Marendar’s lack of emotion. It’s chilling and it gives us a peak into whatever psyche the mechanical “savior” has.


Chapter 5

Kabrua was nothing if not patient. He had to be. He’d spent innumerable years living on Bota Magna simply waiting for the day when his master would return. In the early days, he’d had scant communications with his master, who assured him that one day - maybe in ten, a hundred, a thousand, or a million years - he would return, and they could begin enacting their grand plan, side by side. But after millennia of waiting, the communications had dried up, and Kabrua had been left waiting for someone who might’ve forgotten about him, or worse, might even be dead.

But he never gave up hope. He was patient. He had to be. And finally, his patience was paying off. So what was the inconvenience of finding a few Toa after waiting for all those years? He had all the time in the world.

“Let me go! Get your hands off me!” Kabrua and the other two Vorox trackers whirled to see one of the other trackers that he’d left behind to find the other two Toa, pushing in front of him the Toa of Lightning, her arms bound behind her back. He allowed himself a rare smile.

“Well hunted, Izex.” he said. “An excellent catch. Where is Skarros?”

“The other one attacked us.” the Vorox hissed. “Managed to take Skarros out. I was able to put down the male and capture the female, but it was too late for Skarros.”

“Unfortunate.” Kabrua sighed. “And the dampener?” Izex held up the remote. Kabrua nodded in approval. “You’ve done well, Izex. You will be well-rewarded. Now to find the other outsider and the Glatorian.”

“And this one?” Izex pushed Chiara to her knees, and she growled in protest. “Should I kill her?”

“Not yet.” Kabrua shook his head. “We may yet have use for her. Perhaps as bait.”

Izex nodded and hauled the Toa to her feet. “As you wish.”

Suddenly, with a loud boom, one of the trackers was knocked off his feet, and as the other raised his weapon another Toa, one Kabrua recognized as the Toa of Iron, whirled from behind a tree, cracking the Vorox in the head with a large branch. Kabrua swung his blade towards Zaria, who raised the branch just in time to avoid having his head removed. The steel of Kabrua’s blade bit into the branch, but before Kabrua could release it for another swing, Zaria hurled the branch into the jungle with all his might, and to Kabrua’s surprise the blade was ripped from his hands along with it.

One of the trackers attempted to fire his weapon at the Toa, but was knocked unconscious by another blast from the jungle as Gelu strode into view, one of the Vorox’s concussive weapons in his hands. As he attempted to take aim at the tracker who had been knocked prone in the initial attack, however, Izex fired, launching Gelu off his feet into a tree and knocking the air from his lungs.

“Gelu!” Zaria cried, and for just a moment took his eyes off his opponent. Kabrua didn’t let the moment go to waste – faster than Zaria could react, Kabrua reared back and kicked Zaria off his feet, landing hard in the mud. As Zaria moved to stand, Kabrua pointed his tail’s stinger at the Toa’s throat and cast his eyes at Gelu.

“Your feeble ambush has failed, Glatorian.” Kabrua hissed. “Drop your weapon and accept defeat with honor.”

Gelu began to protest, but Izex raised his blaster at him, his intent clear. Reluctantly, Gelu dropped his weapon and raised his hands. The last conscious tracker restrained Gelu and brought him before Kabrua. The Vorox smiled wickedly.

“A noble effort,” he said. “but ultimately pointless. You never stood a… chance…” His voice trailed off as a sudden realization came to him. Zaria stared up at him with a mirthful grin, and Kabrua knew he’d made a mistake.

“You weren’t with the Glatorian.” he said nervously. “You were with the female. Then where’s…?”

Kabrua stopped as he felt something press against his back. He turned to see Izex, weapon raised, standing behind him, and for the first time Kabrua realized how glassy the Vorox’s eyes looked.

“Looks like your eyes have been playing tricks on you, Kabrua.” Izex said, and as he raised up the power dampener, Kabrua was shocked to see it evaporate into thin air like a mirage. Orde stepped out of the treeline, arms raised, eyes closed. As he moved his fingers, Izex moved like a puppet, wiggling the hand where the remote had just been. “Or, rather, your mind has been.”

The tracker who had restrained Gelu turned to fire at Orde, but he was quickly knocked off his feet by a blast of electricity from Chiara, who had long since broken free of her restraints. Kabrua quickly attempted to stab his tail towards Zaria, but found himself hurled off his feet by the Toa of Iron’s powers. Zaria rose and forced Kabrua to the ground, pinning his arms, legs, and tail down. Gelu aimed his weapon at the Vorox leader and Chiara charged a bolt of lightning in her hand, smiling.

“Please, try and escape.” Chiara chuckled. “Give me an excuse.”

With the fight now decidedly won, Orde relaxed and released Izex, the Vorox falling unconscious once again. He stepped over to Kabrua and knelt above him, bringing the two face-to-mask. “No more games, Kabrua. We want answers. You can give them to us willingly, or I can peel back the layers of your mind until I find what I want. Your choice.”

“Why even give me the option, Toa?” Kabrua growled. “You could simply take what you want and leave.”

“Because I’m a nice guy.” Orde replied. “And because using my power to delve that deep into a being’s mind can be… messy. I might slip up. Make a mistake. And then you might start to feel more at-home with your ‘southern brethren’, if you take my meaning.”

Kabrua snarled but gave a small nod in acceptance. Orde smiled. “Now, first question. I’ve already probed your mind once. You know one of the Great Beings. If I had to guess, he’s the one that gave you these weapons and the power dampener. And I know he’s been living among us inside the Great Spirit’s body. So who is he? And who is he pretending to be?”

Kabrua tensed and his eyes turned wide. “No!” he screamed. “I’ll tell you anything but that! You can’t make me!” He began to writhe in the mud, and Zaria had to actively struggle to hold the Vorox down. So strong was the sudden surge of fear from Kabrua that Orde actually recoiled a bit, the psychic feedback so prominent that he could feel it without even reaching out.

“Then you leave me no choice.” Orde said. “I’ll try and be gentle.” He closed his eyes, reached out towards Kabrua with his mind and felt… nothing. Orde opened his eyes again, confused. “What’s happening? My powers are gone again.”

Chiara noticed as well as the lightning bolt in her hand fizzled out, and Zaria raised his hands in confusion as his control over Kabrua seemed to dissipate. “I smashed the remote!” Chiara growled. “What is this?”

“Uh, Toa?” The Toa turned to look at Gelu, staring with a look of horror at something in the distance. “What is that?”

The Toa followed Gelu’s gaze… and stepped back in fear. Standing just a few feet away, a huge, hulking being stood, its glowing red eyes trained on them. The being was a mass of black, grey, and silver armor, with what appeared to be crackling green energy emanating from points on its body. It had no biological parts, more like a Vahki than a Toa or Matoran. Large, bright-green wings were folded behind its back, and its arms ended in a pair of wickedly-sharp claws. It wore a mask that none of them could recognize, and a pair of horns – or perhaps pincers – protruded from its back, twitching with anticipation.

For a moment, the being simply stood, watching, as if analyzing. Then, it spoke.

" TOA LOCATED. " Marendar said in a voice like metal grinding together. " ELEMENTAL ENERGY DEACTIVATED. EXTERMINATION PROTOCOL ENGAGED. "


Chapter 6

For the Toa and Gelu, what happened next took mere moments. For Marendar, whose internal processors moved at roughly a quarter of the speed of light, the ensuing conflict was an eternity of planning.

As Marendar set its sights on the three Toa in front of it, its first task was threat assessment. No two Toa were alike, after all; there were thousands of permutations of elemental powers, Kanohi Masks, Toa Tools, and armor that any individual Toa could possess, let alone as a group. After much calculation and analysis, Marendar was able to complete a comprehensive battle strategy, one that would involve removing the most pressing threats first before moving on to the targets that posed less of a problem.

The Toa of Iron, it decided, had to be the first to go.

“One of yours, Kabrua?” Chiara said, but the words had barely left her mouth before the automaton lurched forward, its powerful legs propelling it towards its target and crossing the space between them in an instant, its powerful claw outstretched. Zaria’s eyes widened in horror as he realized that the monstrosity was leaping right towards him. There was barely enough time to move, let alone run from such an opponent.

“Get down!” Orde managed to shove Zaria out of the way just before Marendar’s claw could reach him. Instead, the Toa-Hunter’s claws slashed across Orde’s back, tearing clean through his armor and nearly hitting the soft tissue underneath. With a scream of anguish, Orde fell to the ground, and found himself unable to stand. As the sharp pain coursed through his body, Orde felt his vision blur, and mere seconds after the battle had begun, Orde slipped into unconsciousness.

As Marendar raised its claw for a killing blow, a blast of concussive energy struck its back, causing it to stumble. It turned towards the source of the explosion, and was met with an odd situation. While it registered that there was, indeed, a weapon leveled against it that had fired the shot, the being currently holding it didn’t register as a Toa. In fact, it didn’t register having any elemental energy at all. Had Marendar been programmed with emotions, it might’ve felt surprise or even curiosity at this development. But, since it had no such feelings, it simply fired a blast of heat vision from its eyes, turning the weapon into molten slag near-instantaneously.

Gelu’s attack did, however, give Chiara just enough time to move in. With her Mask of Stealth cloaking her from Marendar’s sight, she drove Kabrua’s blade into the machine’s elbow joint, and with a burst of neon-green energy the arm was severed, Marendar’s massive left claw falling to the ground.

Chiara’s victory was short-lived, however. With lightning speed, Marendar reached out with its other claw, grabbing Chiara by the waist and hauling her off her feet.

“Let go of me!” she cried. Marendar brought the Toa up to his face, and for the first time Chiara was able to see into its eyes. With horror, she realized that there was nothing, not a single shred of emotion or life within this creature. It was pure, cold logic, and she knew in that moment that this thing meant to kill them all. Not just her, Orde, and Zaria, but every Toa across Spherus Magna. This thing , this monster , was something altogether more sinister than she could have imagined.

" KANOHI VOLITAK IDENTIFIED ." Marendar said. The pincers on the sides of its mask reared back with a small click. " ELIMINATING ." The pincers slammed shut on Chiara’s mask, and she began to wriggle and strain against Marendar’s grip, panic seizing her as the pincers began to tighten, slowly, her Volitak creaking with every instant, and with horror she could hear tiny cracks splintering along its surface.

Thinking quickly, Zaria grabbed Marendar’s discarded claw off the ground and, with all the strength he could muster, shoved the claw into the creature’s chest, fracturing its armor. It recoiled, and for a moment its grip on Chiara loosened just enough for Zaria to grab her by the waist and yank her out of its clutches, her Kanohi mask ripping off of her face as he did. The pincers slammed shut, and the Volitak exploded into tiny pieces, its gray, powerless fragments discarded into the mud.

As Marendar assessed the damage to its chest, Gelu was attempting to help Orde to his feet, to no avail. He turned his attention to the other Toa, instead. “Take Orde and get out of here!” he called. “I’ll hold this thing back as long as I can!”

“We won’t leave you.” Zaria said as he dashed to Gelu’s side. “You can’t fight this thing alone.”

“Don’t worry.” Gelu turned his eyes to Marendar, in the process of ripping its severed claw out of its chest plate. “I can buy you some time. You three need to find cover now .”

“What about Kabrua?” With disappointment, Gelu and Zaria realized that the Vorox was nowhere to be seen, with only a set of clawed footprints leading into the jungle as evidence. Gelu shook his head.

“We’ll have to deal with him later. Worry about yourselves. Go .”

Zaria slung Orde over his shoulder and began to run. As he did, he grabbed Chiara roughly by the arm, pulling her along with him as they rushed deeper into the jungle and as far away from Marendar as they could get.

Gelu rose to his feet, grabbed one of the Vorox’s blasters, and aimed it at Marendar. The creature had successfully removed its own claw from its chest and now seemed to be in the process of reattaching it, using its heat vision to weld the joint back together. Its chest plate was cracked, sparks of electricity intermittently crackling out of the gashes in its armor.

" STRUCTURAL DAMAGE DETECTED ." Marendar growled. " ACTIVATING KANOHI ." Gelu watched from afar as Marendar’s mask began to glow. Bit by bit, new armor began to cover the creature’s damaged chest plate, the same pale silver color as its mask.

Gelu decided that this was his opportunity. He fired a shot off that should’ve hit Marendar precisely on the head, but to Gelu’s surprise the blast was simply absorbed. It didn’t even seem to recognize that it had been attacked; Marendar simply deactivated its mask and turned its gaze in the direction the Toa had fled. Not to be ignored, Gelu stepped in the creature’s path.

“Hey!” he shouted, and took aim. “I’m not used to being ignored! Come on! Fight me!” Gelu tried to hide the fact that he was trembling, knowing fully well that this machine had just nearly killed three Toa and had shrugged off a blast of a weapon that had felled some of the most vicious beings on Bara Magna. Still, he stood his ground as Marendar, briefly, turned its head to look at him.

There was a momentary pause as the creature seemingly sized Gelu up before replying. " NO ELEMENTAL ENERGIES DETECTED . YOU ARE NOT A THREAT ."

Gelu scowled, offended. “Not a threat? I’m a Glatorian! I fought in the Core War and lived! Who do you think you are telling me I’m ‘not a threat?!’”

To Gelu’s surprise, the creature actually responded. " I AM MARENDAR . DO NOT WORRY . YOU ARE SAFE NOW ." Marendar looked back in the direction the Toa had fled. " ELEMENTAL ENERGY RELOCATED . PURSUING ."

Before Gelu could respond, Marendar’s legs contracted, and suddenly it had leapt into the air and taken flight, its translucent wings carrying it aloft, gliding effortlessly between the trees in pursuit of its quarry. Gelu gave chase, desperately trying to keep up, as all he could think was that of all the things this “Marendar” made him feel – weak, afraid, confused, distraught – “safe” wasn’t one of them.


Chapter 7

Orde had been in some pretty tough situations before. He’d faced hundreds of Zyglak alone . Fought a Makuta one-on-one. Nearly been tortured to the breaking point by the Shadowed One himself. But being chased through an unfamiliar jungle, back ripped open, in agonizing pain, struggling to keep ahead of an unfeeling mechanical monster that negated Toa powers? That was pretty high up there.

“It’s gaining on us!” Chiara cried. Orde spared a quick glance over his shoulder to see Marendar in flight, weaving between trees and slicing through branches with its claws, Gelu struggling to keep pace behind it. Its bright red eyes focused right on Orde’s own, and he felt a chill run down his back. Orde was no stranger to fear – any Toa who said they were was a liar – but it had been some time since he had feared so deeply for his life.

Orde winced as Zaria readjusted him on his shoulder, the pain in his back flaring once again. He cursed Kabrua in his head for taking their Toa tools. Now, not only were their elemental powers being negated by that creature, but they didn’t even have weapons to defend themselves. He made a silent vow that he would personally repay Kabrua that favor whenever they managed to track him down.

Then, his eyes caught on a strange sight in the distance. “I see something!” he cried. Ahead of them, the jungle suddenly opened into a wide, clear field. In the center sat a massive structure, tall and cylindrical, almost like a giant Toa canister. Orde couldn’t help but feel it looked vaguely familiar, as if from a long-forgotten dream.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it that far in time!” Zaria responded. Behind them, Marendar was nearly upon them, only a few trees distance away from descending and continuing its assault.

Orde thought for a moment. “Zaria, can you keep my body safe for me?”

“Keep your body safe?” Zaria replied, struggling to catch his breath. “What do you think I’ve been doing?”

“I’m going to step out for a moment. Try and buy us some time.” he tapped at his Kanohi Iden, and Zaria nodded in understanding.

“Alright. Hurry back. And be careful. We still don’t know what that thing can do.”

Orde’s Iden glowed for a moment, then his body went limp as his spirit was released, floating in midair as Zaria continued on with his body. In spirit form, Orde made a beeline for Marendar, flying right towards it and then allowing himself to pass into the machine’s body.

The Kanohi Iden allowed Orde to project his spirit out from his physical body. While it was an excellent tool for reconnaissance, Orde had found that it could be used in a less conventional way. By allowing his spirit to enter machinery or even unconscious beings, he could temporarily control them from within, hijacking the body of whatever he chose to inhabit.

Orde quickly realized, however, that manipulating this machine was going to be harder than usual. Orde had used the Iden on nonliving things before, like the Vahki and even the Rahkshi, stealing control away from the Kraata within, but this was an altogether more complex being. He could feel the Toa-hunter actively resisting his control in the same way a living being would, despite the fact that Orde could feel that its inner workings were very similar to a Vahki – no organic pilot like a Krana or Kraata. But it still felt like a mind pushing against his, resisting his control.

As Orde pushed back, he saw brief glimpses into its mind. And suddenly Orde understood; this was Marendar, a machine nearly as old as the first Toa, designed with a singular purpose: to destroy any and all Toa that set foot on Spherus Magna. And it absolutely did not appreciate having a Toa rooting around inside its mind. Orde focused, channeling his desperation and fear into pure will, and pushed back against Marendar’s mind. With a final mental shove, Orde was able to gain control for a brief moment.

With no time to spare, Orde forced Marendar to take a sharp turn, crashing headfirst into a tree. With a massive crash, the trunk of the tree cracked in half as the automaton’s body plummeted to the ground. It was as much as he was able to do; with a sudden jolt, Orde found his spirit forcibly ejected from Marendar as the machine picked itself back up off the ground.

Deciding he’d done all he could to slow Marendar’s progress, Orde flew back to his body and found that Zaria and Chiara were now standing directly in front of the structure.

“I only bought us a moment.” Orde said. “How are we doing over here?”

“There’s no door!” Zaria growled. He attempted to reach out with his Iron powers, but still felt no response. “And that thing is still too close for me to use my Toa powers. We’re stuck.”

Orde looked over to Chiara, who was busy fiddling with a small square panel set into the wall of the structure. “What is that?”

“No idea.” she replied. “But it has to be here for a reason. Maybe it’s some kind of switch?”

“Zaria, let me take a look.” Zaria walked closer to the panel so that Orde could see. The panel was seemingly nothing, just a flat silver square. But there was that feeling again, like he somehow recognized it. Almost instinctively he reached out, pressing his hand to the center of the square. There was a brief flash of light around his hand, and suddenly a warm voice came from all around them.

“Welcome, Toa Orde.” the voice said. Silently, the wall of the structure melted away. Behind it was a long tunnel leading into the heart of the structure.

Chiara looked at Orde in surprise. “It knows you? Why does it know you?”

“Let’s talk about that inside. Look!” Zaria and Chiara turned to see Marendar, having recovered from its crash, flying towards them once again. Now, however, Gelu was just ahead of it, racing as fast as his legs would carry him.

“Go!” Gelu cried. “I’m right behind you!”

“He doesn’t need to tell me twice.” Zaria said. “Come on!” The Toa made their way inside the structure. Behind them, just as Gelu crossed the threshold, the wall sealed once again, blocking Marendar outside.

Gelu caught up to the Toa, struggling to catch his breath. Orde was on his feet again with one arm slung over Zaria’s shoulders, helping to support his weight. “Wasn’t sure I was going to make it back there.” he panted. “What is this place?”

The inside of the structure was shrouded in darkness, only the glow of the Toa’s heartlights illuminating the shadows. “Not sure.” Chiara replied, casting a look in Orde’s direction. “But I think our Toa of Psionics here might have an answer.”

“Well, I have a working theory.” Orde said. Then, raising his voice and with a commanding tone, he bellowed. “Lights on.”

With a loud thunk , the room was illuminated. Some sort of crystalline objects set into the walls shone with a pale green light, allowing them to see the entirety of the structure for the first time. The interior stretched vertically, tapering off in a high vaulted ceiling with a skylight in the center. As the structure rose, there were individual rings with stairs and lifts between them, each one forming one floor of the building. Across the entire area, workbenches, tables, shelves, chests, and cabinets overflowed; tools, containers, half-finished machines, and bits of scrap metal dotted every surface. And across from them, at the opposite end of the room, was a tall, cylindrical machine with a large glass door on the front and a massive control panel set into the floor before it.

As the Toa and Gelu looked in awe at the place in which they now stood, Orde finally realized why this place had felt so familiar. “I haven’t been here in thousands of years.” he said, his voice quiet with a sort of reverence, “But I could never forget this place. No matter how long it’s been. This is the Forge. The workshop of the Great Beings. This… is where I was born.”


Chapter 8

“What do you mean you were born here?” Chiara asked. “Up until a few days ago, this place was on Bota Magna. How could you have been there?”

“My life didn’t begin within the Great Spirit.” Orde replied. “It began here. This was where we all met, before they sent us to look after the Matoran.”

“Where who met?” Zaria said. “No more mysteries, Orde. We need answers.”

Orde shrugged. “I thought it was fairly obvious. This is where the first Toa met. The original fourteen. This was the place we all came from.”

“But that means you’re one of the only living beings from our world that’s seen a Great Being in person. Why didn’t you mention that sooner?”

Orde looked around the room, his eyes lingering on small details, as if he was seeing people who no longer stood there. “I barely remember them now. It’s like a distant dream. I’ve only set foot in this place twice before. The first was the day I first awoke, when I met the other Toa and we received our missions. The second was on the day they told us we’d eventually need to sacrifice our powers and become Turaga. That was tens of thousands of years ago. And after that, I never saw the Great Beings again.”

“If this was the Great Beings workshop.” Gelu said." Could there be anything here that could help fight off Marendar?"

“What’s a Marendar?” Chiara asked. Briefly, Gelu explained how the creature had identified itself as Marendar and that it seemed to only consider Toa a threat, an assessment that matched up with the information Orde had gotten from controlling it with his Iden.

“This was the place where the first Toa received all their Toa tools, so there’s probably something here we can use.” Orde said. Suddenly, there was a loud boom from outside. The four warriors shared a look. “But be quick about it. We’re running low on time.”

Outside, Marendar’s heat vision was quickly proving ineffectual at melting the entrance to the structure. It cut off the beams, and within a minute the wall had cooled and returned to normal, completely unfazed. With blinding speed, Marendar swiped one of its claws across the wall. Sparks ignited as metal ground against metal, but there was nary a scratch on the structure.

Any other being might have become frustrated or irritated or at the very least mildly annoyed at this setback, but Marendar felt nothing. Instead, it simply dug its feet into the ground, reared back its arm, and began to strike the wall with enough force to flatten a mountain, again and again. Slowly, the metal began to buckle and dent until, with a final swing, it punched a hole in the wall large enough that it could step through.

Silently, it climbed into the hole and into pitch darkness. " ADAPTING ." Its Kanohi mask glowed for a moment, and then its eyes turned green as it adapted to see in the dark. Before it was yet another wall that had formed behind the first, blocking its entry once again. Marendar said nothing; it simply began hitting the wall with all its might, over and over. It would break through as many walls as it needed to to reach the Toa. It would find them. It was only a matter of time.

As the group surveyed the area, Chiara began poking at the large, cylindrical machine on the far wall. The control panel lit up, displaying various categories such as “Arms”, “Torso”, and “Kanohi”. She called Orde over. “This is the machine I first awoke in.” he explained. “If I had to take a wild guess, it’s probably some kind of chamber that makes Toa. Not really sure how it works, though. I’ve never actually seen it in use.”

“Could we use it to make another Toa to fight alongside us?” she asked excitedly.

“In theory.” he replied. “But like I said, I’ve never seen it in use. But if you want to test it out, go ahead. Another set of hands to try and take Marendar down couldn’t hurt.”

Chiara went to work, tapping at the console as quickly as she could until she’d finished her masterwork. When she hit “Assemble”, the machine sprung to life, with tiny arms quickly weaving together new armor and tissue seemingly from thin air.

Zaria opened a chest and tossed something to Chiara. “Catch!” he called. It was a Kanohi Kiril, Mask of Regeneration, though one with a design neither of them had ever seen. Chiara donned the mask and quickly set to work repairing the damage to Orde’s back.

Gelu opened a cabinet and found it was filled with strange devices and weapons he didn’t recognize. “Here.” he said. “Come grab something.” Without hesitation, he took a double-bladed weapon for himself and stepped out of the way so the others could look for themselves.

Most of the tools were foreign-looking to the Toa. Orde grabbed what appeared to be a small silver tube about the width of his hand with a single button on it. “I’m not sure these are actual Toa tools.” he said. “Most Toa tools are designed to channel our elemental energies.” When he pressed the button, a beam of amber light shot forth, creating a blade made of pure energy. With an errant swing, he cleaved a worktable in half, the edges charred as if burned clean through. He smiled. “But this should work just fine.”

Chiara wasted no time selecting a large device with a long handle and many tiny blades connected to a chain that looped around a long ellipsis. When she activated it, the chain began spinning with a loud grinding sound. “If these don’t put that monster down.” she said with a smirk. “I don’t know what will.”

Across the room, Zaria had picked up what appeared to be a large box with a handle on it and was shaking it, intrigued. “I wonder what this thing does.” he muttered. Suddenly, his thumb managed to flip a small switch on the handle, and in an instant the box had unfolded into a massive cannon-like device strapped to his chest. It began to whirr and pulse with green energy. On the bottom he found two handles with triggers attached to them. Without thinking he pressed one of the buttons, and with a loud boom a beam of emerald light shot forth, turning a cabinet into a melted pile of slag.

Quickly, Gelu rushed over and pushed the barrel of the cannon towards the ground. “Maybe keep that pointed away from us for now, huh?” Zaria nodded nervously and flipped the switch again, converting the cannon back into a box.

BOOM. Another thunderous explosion echoed throughout the workshop. Gelu whirled to scold Zaria, but found the box was still inert. “It wasn’t me this time!” Zaria cried.

BOOM. All eyes turned to the wall, which was beginning to buckle as Marendar beat on it with all its might. The four looked at each other with apprehension, but without a word they assembled, readying their weapons and facing the door.

BOOM. Orde gave a quick glance to Zaria. “Don’t fire that cannon unless you know it’s going to hit.” he commanded. “It is faster and stronger than any of us. We need to make this count.” Zaria nodded in understanding, and aimed his cannon at the wall.

BOOM. Behind them, the Forge, the Great Being’s greatest invention, had finished printing the tissue and armor that Chiara had designed. As a soft green light enveloped the interior of the machine, it began uploading data to the new being’s mind, data that had been compiled by the machine’s creators millennia ago. Not only language and information, but also directives, core instructions determined to be the being’s driving mission.

BOOM. “You are a Toa.” the directives stated, a calm, soothing voice in the being’s mind. “One of many. Alone, you are strong. But together, you have Unity, and that is something stronger than any foe.”

BOOM. “The Matoran need your protection. For you are strong, and they are frail. They need guidance and security in order to serve the will of the Great Spirit. That is your Duty.”

BOOM. “And,” said another voice, softer and deeper than the first, “you must look beyond. Seek greater heights. Pursue that which you desire.”

BOOM. “There are those that would tell you that you are but a soldier. A guardian. A tool. But you are so much more. You are alive. You can think and feel for yourself, and so you must know when it is time to move past that which you have been told and make your own future. Choose your own path.”

BOOM. The wall to the workshop caved in as Marendar stepped through, its glowing red eyes already transfixed on the Toa before it. Orde, Chiara, and Gelu raised their blades and Zaria took aim with his cannon, his fingers twitching with anticipation. Together, the four warriors stood united against an insurmountable foe.

“That,” said the voice in the new Toa’s head, “is your Destiny.”


Chapter 9

Gelu wasted no time. Before Marendar could even make a move for its first target, Gelu was already upon it, whirling his dual-bladed sword quickly to try and break its defenses. Marendar, still not comprehending Gelu as a threat, was taken aback as the sword slashed across its midsection and right arm, nearly cleaving through its armor. It raised its right arm to defend itself, but was promptly forced to change its priorities as Chiara moved in with her Chain-blade.

As Marendar held out its left claw to try and catch the blade, Chiara activated it, and the whirling blades of the chain began to slice through its palm. It closed its claw, planning to rip the blade out of her hand, but was suddenly forced to defend once again as Orde lashed out with his laser sword. Trying its best to protect its chest from the slashing blade, Marendar swung its wings forward, forming a makeshift shield that was instantly ripped through by Orde, the energy blade cleaving its iridescent wings into pieces.

Marendar was losing ground quickly and it knew it. It activated its Heat Vision, spinning its head rapidly from right to left in an attempt to gain space. The trio were forced to disengage to avoid being damaged by the beams of red energy, but they quickly attempted to dive back in to continue the assault. Marendar sprung off the ground with its powerful legs, flipping in midair and digging the talons on its feet into the ceiling of the next level, holding it in place upside down.

" ADAPTING ." Marendar’s mask glowed, and suddenly two new arms sprouted from its shoulders, each ending in a long, jagged sword for a hand. With a powerful kick off from the ceiling, Marendar whirled as it landed, forcing the others to clear space as its bladed arms created a circle of death around it. Before it could move for its next target, however, a massive boom echoed throughout the workshop as Zaria fired his cannon, striking the Toa-Hunter dead-on and sending it flying into a storage cabinet, causing it to collapse around it.

“I think I got it!” Zaria cried, only to immediately regret his words as Marendar rose to its feet, battered and scorched, but relatively undamaged. He quickly attempted to let off another blast, only to be met with a harsh klaxon from the weapon. Upon closer inspection, Zaria found a small progress bar on the side of the cannon, slowly filling with green light as it recharged.

Marendar took advantage of the opportunity, firing a blast of Heat Vision at the cannon as Zaria whirled away just in time, the Heat Vision searing a hole through the crate behind him. It lunged, attempting to clear the distance to the Toa of Iron, but was forced to twist its body out of the way as Orde swung his laser sword, nearly cleaving the automaton in two before it landed hard on its hands and knees, caught off guard by the Toa’s attack.

" ADAPTING ." As Orde moved in with his blade raised high, Marendar suddenly grew a set of neon green energy shields from the place where its wings used to be and swung them forward, deflecting the blade before it could come crashing down on its head. Orde stepped back just in time to avoid being bisected by Marendar’s blades, and began trading blows with it, desperately trying to bypass its new defenses to get a solid attack in.

Gelu rushed to Orde’s assistance, splitting Marendar’s focus by parrying its jagged swords with his own. Chiara was quick to join in, swiping first at its legs and then aiming for the glowing green orb on its back. That got its attention, at it suddenly whirled, backhanding the Toa of Lightning and sending her flying. Zaria, caught up in trying to force the cannon to finish recharging in time, was completely oblivious to the soft hiss of air that escaped from the Forge behind him as its door opened.

Gelu lost focus for just a moment as he looked to make sure Chiara was alright, but it was a moment too long. Marendar grabbed the Glatorian’s blade and snapped it into pieces with its mighty claw, dropping them to the floor as mere shards of metal. Gelu looked at Marendar in shock as the automaton lashed out with a kick, sending Gelu sprawling onto his back. " STAY BACK ," Marendar growled. " I AM HERE TO HELP ."

Orde lashed out, managing to sever one of Marendar’s blades with his own, but not quick enough to keep the Toa-Hunter from twisting out of the way. Marendar was quick to retaliate, its blade nearly severing Orde’s hand at the wrist before he pulled back just in time, the Laser Sword flying from his hand and deactivating as Marendar smacked it away. Orde, suddenly defenseless, looked at Marendar in horror as the automaton raised its weapon, preparing to deliver a lethal blow. Chiara and Gelu, both too far away to intervene in time, could only watch in horror as their ally faced his impending doom.

What happened next was nearly too fast to process. As Marendar swung its blade down, prepared to strike Orde down, a large metal shield ricocheted off a wall and knocked the Toa-Hunter’s weapon away. As both it and Orde turned their gaze to see where it had come from, a Toa planted a kick directly into Marendar’s chest, causing it to stumble backwards away from Orde. The Toa flipped back in the air, caught the shield as it bounced towards them, and landed on their feet, eyes locked on their opponent.

The new Toa was tall and slender, clad in bright crimson and orange armor, suggesting that they were a Toa of Fire. On their face was a Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy, which explained how they had thrown and caught that shield with such efficiency. The armor they wore was unlike any Orde had seen before, with ornate patterns carved into their chestplate and angular armor on their shoulders and thighs.

Orde stepped back towards the newcomer, relieved. “Welcome to the fight, brother.” he said. “I don’t know how you knew to step in, but we’ll take all the help we can get.”

“I am a Toa.” the newcomer replied, and to Orde’s shock the voice that came from their mouth was female. “Alone we are strong. But together, we have Unity, and that is stronger than any foe.” Orde didn’t quite know what to say to that; it wasn’t quite the answer that he had expected. Before he could ask anything else, the Toa pushed him back and raised her shield just in time to deflect Marendar’s blade as it slashed towards them. Sparks flew as metal scraped against metal, and with a strong swing she cracked her shield across Marendar’s face, forcing it back again.

Orde decided he could ask his questions later. Right now, they needed to end this fight. He ran to grab the Laser Sword once again, and as he did Chiara rushed to join the Toa she’d designed in battle, her Chain-blade grinding against Marendar’s energy shields as it focused its one remaining sword on battling the Toa of Fire.

Zaria and Gelu rushed to Orde. “Who is that?” Gelu asked as he glanced around for a new weapon to replace the one Marendar had destroyed.

“Save your questions for after the fight.” he said, and grabbed what appeared to be a large staff with a hook of some sort and pushed it into the Glatorian’s hands. “Zaria, what’s going on with the cannon?”

“It’s recharging.” Zaria replied, frustratedly tinkering with the weapon as he spoke. “It’s only around halfway there.”

“Leave it. Use your Kanohi. Fight hand to hand.” Zaria nodded and the three of them rushed to their allies aid.

As Orde and Gelu approached, they found that this newcomer was holding her own surprisingly well. As Marendar whirled its blade at lightning-fast speeds, the Toa of Fire repelled its attacks with her shield while countering with blows of her own, forcing it to retreat towards Chiara, who was quickly wearing down its defenses. Gelu swung his weapon, catching Marendar’s sword as it tried to defend, receiving a hearty blow to the face once again from the Fire Toa’s shield. Zaria activated his Kanohi Pakari, driving supercharged punches into Marendar’s back as it tried to deflect with its shields.

Orde reignited his weapon and approached his foe. Marendar’s eyes began to glow, but before it could fire a blast of Heat Vision, the Toa of Fire stepped in its path, the beams of energy ricocheting off her shield and carving scars in the walls of the workshop. It disengaged for only a moment, but it was a moment too long. Orde thrust forth with his blade, plunging it into Marendar’s chest. There was a bright flash of green energy and the warriors were thrown back by the shockwave. When the light faded, Marendar stood unsteadily, shaken by the attack.

Suddenly, for the first time since it had appeared, Orde could hear the thoughts of his teammates in the back of his mind. His eyes lit up with determination. “Our powers are back!” he cried.

Chiara wasted no time. She threw her palm out, bolts of lightning crackling forth and striking the Toa-Hunter, causing it to spasm as the electricity overcharged its circuits. Zaria grabbed onto the iron in Marendar’s body, pulling it down to the ground as it attempted to move away. It began firing Heat Vision wildly, trying to gain ground, but its head was knocked aside by the Toa of Fire’s shield as she approached, her fist glowing with white-hot flame. As it tried to grab her with its mandibles, she reached out and grabbed them, the heat from her hands melting them into molten steel that dripped around its body. Within mere moments, the foe that only moments ago had nearly destroyed them was on its knees, battered and broken, struggling to stand.

Gelu, suddenly acutely aware of just how powerful his allies truly were, looked on in awe. “What now?” he asked tentatively. Orde stared at the monster, then back at the laser sword in his hand as he contemplated what he should do.

Before he could make a decision, however, a large green orb on Marendar’s back began to beep rapidly. Zaria’s eyes widened, fearing an explosion. “Get back!” he cried as he threw his arms around Chiara. In response, the Toa of Fire dove in front of Orde and Gelu, shielding them. However, instead of detonating, Marendar’s body suddenly dissolved into a fine, green mist, before dissipating altogether. Where it had lain just a moment before was only the cracks in the floor from where Zaria had forced it down and the molten steel from its mandibles. As suddenly as it had appeared, Marendar had vanished.


Chapter 10

“Well. That was anticlimactic.” Gelu said, staring at the spot where Marendar had just been.

Chiara pushed Zaria away from her, embarrassed. “I don’t need you to protect me.” she said, turning away from him in annoyance. The others took a moment to compose themselves, as well, shaken at what had occurred.

“Do you think it’s… done?” Zaria asked. “I mean, it just sort of vanished.”

“I doubt it.” Orde replied, shaking his head. “To be honest, that felt too easy. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Marendar.”

“Regardless, it would appear that, for now, the danger has passed.” the Toa of Fire said, affixing her shield to her arm. Orde, Zaria, and Gelu were suddenly very aware of the Kikanalo in the room as their attention turned back to her.

“Chiara.” Orde began. “You made a new Toa of Fire. A female Toa of Fire?”

“Why not?” she replied, her tone defensive. “You’re a male Toa of Psionics. Why can’t there be a female Toa of Fire?”

“I suppose there’s nothing saying there can’t be one.” he admitted. “I’m just surprised. This has never happened before.”

“I don’t think any of us really stopped to consider what it meant to make a new Toa.” Zaria admitted. “There haven’t been any brand-new Toa created since the Toa Nuva, I think. Most of us were Matoran that got our powers from another Toa. She’s… well, she’s like you, Orde. A Toa right from the start, I mean.”

Orde took a moment to consider that, remembering how it had felt when he had awoken in this very same spot, unsure of his identity and place in the world. He turned to the newcomer. “You must be feeling a lot right now.” he said, and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “But you’re among friends here. My name is Orde. I’m a Toa, like you. So are Zaria and Chiara, here. And Gelu is a Glatorian. A friend.”

The new Toa nodded slowly in response. “I… understand.” she said. “I was instructed to protect the Matoran. To help them serve the will of the Great Spirit. But… I do not know how.”

“A lot has changed.” Orde admitted. “Our duty is a little different than it was when those instructions were dictated. But we can explain all that later. For now, I think I speak for all of us when I say we’ll need something to call you. What’s your name?”

“My name?” The Toa thought for a moment, then shook her head in confusion. “I don’t think I have a name.”

“That’s alright. I didn’t have one either, at first. You’ll need to choose one for yourself. You may be new to this world, but you know things already. Words, names. You’re free to name yourself whatever you like.”

She thought for a moment longer, and a word began to stick in her mind, even though she wasn’t sure why she lingered on it. “Takala.” she muttered.

“Huh…” Orde said, surprised. “That’s a very old word. One I haven’t heard in a long time. It used to be used in place of ‘heartlight’. If I remember, it translates a little more roughly to… ‘heart-fire’, I think?”

“Yes.” she agreed, and for the first time she gave a small, confident smile. “Takala. I like that.”

“Alright, then. Takala it is. Good to meet you.”

As the group made their way back towards New Atero, a quiet hung in the air between them as they thought about what they had seen. Despite their small victory against Marendar, Orde knew that it was likely a precursor to something much larger. There was still the question of who Kabrua’s master was and what they were planning, and what Marendar really was or where it had come from. And above all that, despite finding the Forge and the Great Beings old workshop, Orde felt they were no closer to finding the Great Beings themselves as they had set out to do.

Before they could reach the city, however, the group was suddenly approached by an unfamiliar figure. Before them was a being who wasn’t quite short enough to be a Matoran, but not tall enough to be a Toa, either. He wore dark crimson and grey armor that was much smoother and more streamlined than anything they had seen before, and he wore a strange mask that seemed too large for his face. In the center of his chest was a large glowing circle that didn’t pulse like a hearlight, and the Toa noticed a distinct lack of organic parts in his body. Remembering how Marendar had suddenly appeared from nowhere, the group grasped at their weapons nervously.

“Hello, Toa!” the being said excitedly. “It is an honor to meet you. My master has requested a meeting with you at your earliest convenience. If you would be so kind, I can take you to him!”

“What’re you supposed to be?” Chiara asked, unimpressed. The figure had a sort of petulant energy to him, making him feel almost like some sort of performer rather than a messenger.

“How rude of me!” the being exclaimed. “I am Makooti, the Bionic Man, at your service!”

“Makuta?” Zaria replied warily.

“No, not Makuta! Rest assured, I bear no relation to them! I’m just Makooti!”

Orde looked at his allies, puzzled but intrigued, before speaking. “And just who is this master who wants to meet us?”

Makooti smacked its forehead in embarrassment. “How foolish! I’d forgotten to introduce him! My master is Angonce. To you, he would be one of what you call the ‘Great Beings’.” He said the last words with a strange gesture that involved curling and uncurling the first two fingers on each hand with each word. The group barely noticed as they looked to one another in shock.

“A Great Being?!” Gelu gasped. “A real one?”

“A real one!” Makooti replied.

Orde, Chiara, Zaria, Gelu, and Takala all looked at one another before responding. “Take us to him.”

The trek to Angonce took the group past the edge of New Atero and deep into the deserts of what was once Bara Magna. After nearly a whole additional day of traveling, the group found themselves deep into Creep Canyon at the foot of a large rock face. Makooti placed his hand against the rock and, much like the workshop when Orde had placed his hand upon it, a previously-unseen door in the wall opened, revealing a set of stairs that led into the structure.

“Welcome, Makooti.” the same voice from the workshop said. He led the Toa and Gelu inside and closed the door behind them.

Within, the group found themselves in a large antechamber ringed with lights, shelves, and control panels attached to screens showing different locations across the planet. As Chiara watched, a Bone Hunter riding a Rock Steed crossed a desert landscape, and she realized these images depicted real events that were currently happening.

“Master Angonce.” Makooti said, walking to the back of the chamber, which seemed to be cloaked in shadow. “I have found and delivered the Toa, as you commanded.”

There was a pause before a voice responded from the darkness. “Thank you, Makooti. Well done.” The voice was deep and raspy, and it almost seemed as if the speaker was struggling for air as it spoke. “Toa, Glatorian. Please, come forward.” As they approached, the group were able to better see the being before them.

The being was a tall, imposing figure, though looking at him as he was then never would have shown it. He sat in a large mechanical contraption, a set of long, spindly legs beneath a wide chair. He wore deep crimson and dark grey armor, with a strange mask none of them recognized. It was Orde that realized why he was sitting; the Great Being had no legs from the knee down, and wore metal caps where the rest of his legs once were. Glowing tubes filled with a green liquid were set into the armrests and back of the machine with long tubes leading into his mask and chest, seemingly pumping some kind of fluid into his body. Despite his imposing figure, it was immediately evident that he was not in good health. If anything, he might’ve been dying.

“Toa Orde.” the figure rasped. “It has been eons since we last saw one another. I regret that I am not in a better state, or I would gladly embrace you.”

“Have we met?” Orde asked nervously, yet in the back of his mind he felt he had seen this being before.

“Indeed.” the figure said. “For I was there during your creation, and I was there on the day of your birth.” He addressed the group, his eyes slowly moving between each of them. “I know of your mission. You sought to find the Great Beings. It is both with great pleasure and great sadness, then, that I can tell you that you have succeeded. My name is Angonce. And I am the last of the Great Beings.”

To be continued in Bionicle: Reborn - Prologue


What a fantastic piece this is. Very satisfying continuation and conclusion to the serial, this is canon in my mind, even if it has elements like Makooti :laughing:

Great job! I’ll be looking forward to the continuation in Prologue.


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Makooti is hilarious

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I can imagine Chiara getting confused by other glatorian as to what a “kid” is after explaining Takala.


“Child? What’s that?”

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I finally sat down to read this. It’s great! I think for the most part it lines up with the plans for the line had it not been canceled. I could really see this being canon. though Makooti made me hesitate to say that. As funny as his inclusion was.
I’d like to see more!


I promise I didn’t just include Makooti as a joke. He’s a character in his own right. He’ll play a role. That’s all I’ll say.

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I enjoyed watching this on Reddit.

However, I’ve been questioning this for a long time.

chiara already heard that, Orde was one of the first toa
in Canon’s Chapter 2.

he said “I was the first Psionics Toa, and one of the first Toa ever created,”

So I think it’s right to edit this part.

Um… yep. You’re right. That’s a mistake on my part. Edited.

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