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Since there is no overall YouTube discussion topic, I decided to make one. Who are your favorite youtubers? What is your YouTube channel?. ETC.

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I Hate Everything is a good channel. He’s not afraid to voice his opinions.


funny I actually just got into that channel today, pretty gud


Gameplay: Vinesauce/Exinthevatican
Lego Review: JANGBRICKS/just2good
Podcast: TTV
and others…

Favorites: Jeremy Jahns, TTV, Seven, Pushing Guy, CinemaSins, some of Screen Junkies, Emergency Awesome, HISHE, and Ryan Higa’s channel, of which I don’t like to say.

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Oh, Vsauce and Vsauce 3 are also pretty good. I’m not very interested in Vsauce2, but 1 and 3 are cool because they focus more on science. Vsauce does it more of an educated way, while Vsauce3 makes it more of a presentation, to have fun with the audience.

Wait, what does Vsauce2 do? I forget, Vsauce does mainly facts, and Vsause does games and the such, if I am not mistaken

To name a few, I enjoy Pan Pizza, zefrank, Bunnyhop and Demolition D’s content.

Theradbrad is pretty cool let’s play-er,but most of the games he plays now a days are pretty boring.

But otherwise i like HISHE,and cinemasins


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Who are these “TTV” guys you all keep talking about? They sound pretty stupid, in my opinion.

Joking aside, my Youtube subscription list is pretty eclectic. Bionicle, games, Transformers, multicolored equines, you name it. Off the top of my head, the Grumps and Extra Credits are some of my favorites that no-one’s mentioned yet.

Oh, yeah, also [this guy][3], who has nothing to do at all with Bionicle but is still by all accounts a pretty cool guy. Abnormally handsome too, I’ve heard. Pay no mind to the fact that his profile picture is the same as mine, I have no connection whatsoever with him. Would I lie to you?

Alright I’m just going to go ahead and close this topic for a couple of reasons:

  1. We already have a topic where you can discuss your favorite YouTubers and who you’re subscribed to.

  1. Advertising your own YouTube channel is against the rules if you are not Master rank and unfortunately this topic is opening up those flood gates.

If you wish to create a topic about YouTube as a platform (via discussing the video player, policies, copyright strikes, etc.) feel free to create a new topic with revised guidelines.

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