TheAceRailgun's Conlangs (Constructed Languages)

I'll post the full character chart and dictionary of 1 million+ words once I'm finished with those, but here's a handwriting example of my Conlang Zh'u. I based the character design loosely off of the Arabic language, and am thinking of basing the grammar off of English, or Greek.


(Translation: The weather is quite nice)


So you made a language? Coolio

@TheAceRailgun I'm totally not going to steel your idea and make my own language thing.


Hey go ahead, there's already an entire community of Conlagers out there who've been making languages even longer than I have.

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I made a shorthand once.

I tried making a language once, but gave up later.

Here's all of the characters of the language, i'll post the dictionary later.

I made an alphabet (not just the english alphabet with different symbols; an actual alphabet) once, but I never made any grammatical rules or words or anything.