TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika (self moc)

So instead of writing loads of lore I’ll just do something quick

This is my self moc, his arch enemy is OneOfAMillionPeopleWhoLikePhantoka and he fights for the protection of existence


The MOC looks decent, but he has kind of a dumb name for a MOC, no offense. The same for the story.

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The blue axles kinda stick out, but I like it overall, though I think your other MOC is better.

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There was originally a far longer backstory, but I didn’t want to clog the post up

Yeah, I should’ve probably swapped them out with black ones…

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I can’t see him clearly. The lighting is meh and the background far too distracting.

The photos are a bit awkward and the blue pins do stick out, but the colours are good, the custom torso is fantastic and I love those shoulders, are they double jointed? they look like they are so they can move up and around.

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First off, it seems like your pictures are being cropped in the previews. I believe that making them wider (setting the width to be about 4/3 the size it currently is) will fix that issue.

The MOC itself is a pretty decent inikabuild. Colors are pretty consistent, though the blue pins do stick out quite a bit. I think if you have some of those pins in tan, that would mesh with the crimson and brown. Gold sword does seem out of place though. Honestly, given his/your name, I’m surprised he doesn’t have any silver on him. Would help to brighten him up a little too, given his two dark colors.

My main gripe here is with the Visorak feet on his thighs. I think the thighs would work better with some standard Metru or Inika armor; the long, thin shape of the Visorak foot doesn’t lend itself to thigh armor, but it could be used on the shins. The Huna as a pommel for the sword is kinda weird too, and the trans lime Bohrok eyes are a little weird, considering the only other trans lime is his eyes and heartlight, but it’s not a glaring issue.

Assuming this is your first MOC, you seem to be content sticking with simple designs but elaborating them where you feel comfortable, and you know how to make a consistent color scheme, if not the most striking one. Better than a lot of people when they get started with MOCing.

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The color choice is decent

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