Theon's Stories - Chapter 1(Magna Stories)

After a long day, Theon, Toa of Shadows and Fire, stands on a small path, near the peak of the mountain. He observes the beautiful landscapes beneath him, and wonders, if there is anything even prettier than the fields of West Spherus Magna. Theon is like a lone wolf, who searches nothing but friends. But he hardly admits it. He hides since months in forests or mountains from anyone, even from his own species. His joy is hiding his sadness. Being alone isn’t something he likes. No-one likes it. But does he have any other choice? His great powers allow him to destroy entire cities in just minutes. His powers can corrupt other beings. The element of Shadows, with the addition of his inate Fire powers allow him to be one of the most powerful Toa in existence. He still lacks the skills of fighting with weapons, and he never wants to learn fighting since he hates hurting other people. His shadow powers took control of him once, and he nearly killed an entire legion of Rahkshi who were after him.

Suddenly, he hears something behind him, a voice.

-Unknown Being: Don’t move or turn around! You are under arrest!

Theon realizes that he has no other choice but obey him, since he feels a gun pointed right at his back.

-Theon: What do you want from me? Who send you? The Shadowed One, the Order?
-Unknown Being: Nobody. I’m master of my own, Ikero, former Toa.
-Theon: You are kidding right? short laugh A Toa gone rogue? I should send a postcard to Lesovikk that I found another rogue Toa.
-Ikero: Shut up! I am the one witha loaded weapon pointed at you! You come with me, NOW!
-Theon: Alright.
-Ikero: Wait. That’s it? No resistance?
-Theon: Nope. I’m too tired to fight back. Just, don’t out me in a cage like a bird. I want at lezst enough space to fly, my wings need training every day.

Ikero has no idea what’s going on, but he fears that it is a sort of trick.

-Ikero: I warn you, any false movement, and I will kill you!
-Theon: Just tell me why I’m under “arrest”.
-Ikero: It’s simple, I want to redeem myself, and thus, I decided to hunt down Toa of Shadows. I might even be rewarded by the Order for my actions.
-Theon: Did I do something wrong?
-Ikero: Several Toa of Shadows are responsible for burning down entire villages only to gather some unknown objects. And I’m sure that you are one of them, since there aren’t many Toa of Shadows alive.

Theon has done nothing except flying for days around the continent. Are there really more of his element? Where are they, and do they work for someone?
A lightning blast strikes Ikero from behind. Paralized, Ikero drops his gun. This time, a female voice can be heard further away.

-Unknown Being 2: I recommend you to leave, Toa of Plasma. This Toa is mine.
-Theon: Oh great. Now I’m chased by another Toa…who’s next? Axonn? Or perhaps some stupid dark hunter? Wait…

Her mask, her colour sheme, something he has already seen a long time ago. Theon’s best friend had exactly the same appearence, but she was a Matoran, not a Toa. And that Matoran should be dead, for a very long time. Theon’s curiosity couldn’t wait.

-Theon: Toa of Lightning,what is your name?
-Unknown Being 2: And why should I? I have no obligation to tell it.
-Theon: Tell it and I promise you to go wherever you want.
-Unknown Being 2: I hardly trust a Toa of ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. My name is Rilana, member of the Order of Mata-Nui.

Theon’s face was marked with horror. A person he once loved, and who died in a Makuta attack, is now standing in front of him, with no memory of him, not even his name.
Ikero, finally freed from his paralysis, grabs his gun and aims towards Rilana.

-Ikero: I got him first, and you dare challenging me! Eat this.

He shoots at her without hesitation. She manages barely to dodge the Plasma beam, but she hasn’t realized yet that the cliff ends at her right, and falls down. She never thought that she will end like that, crushed on the ground. But during the exact the same moment, a hand grabs her, and pulls her up. Theon saved her from death, something he couldn’t the first time.

Theon remembers, how she fell rom the cliff during a raid of the Phantoka Makuta in Karda-Nui. Every scene is still hurting him from the inside. The Shadow Eels who transformed his entire village in this raid in Shadow Matoran, the destruction of his hutt, and Rilana falling from the cliff. He did everything to grab her hand in time, but just one second ruined Rilana’s and his life alike.

Rilana: coughs Ehm, thank you…but why did you save me? I mean, I was going to bring you to the Order’s HQ?

Theon doesn’t answer. His rage is coming back. The urge to kill is back. His claws are moving nervously, his eyes are turning green. With a rapid move, he grabs Ikero’s neck. Ikero’s feet aren’t touching the ground anymore, and he feels how his heavy body tears him apart from his own head. Theon’s anger gives him so much force that Ikero brarely resists.

-Rilana: NO, STOP! He isn’t worth it. Don’t be like him, don’t choose the wrong path! Please…

Her words made Theon realize what he was doing. He let Ikero’s neck go. Theon is surprised by the effects Rilana’s voice had on him.

-Rilana: That was close…Killing a Toa out of revenge is the wrong path to follow. Don’t let your powers gain control of yourself.
-Theon: Why are you saying that? I mean, I’m just a mad Toa of Shadows…thet last scum you can find on Spherus Magna.
-Rilana: Saving me proved that you still have a heart, emotions, something that a Toa of Shadows rarely has.
-Theon: But I still nearly killed someone!
-Unknown Being 3: That’s right. Thus, we will imprison you for the rest of your life.

Everyone knew this voice. Someone you wouldn’t want to meet if you havs done bad things.

-Axonn: What I just saw proves that you are as crazy as the other ones I interrogated. You come with us.
-Rilana: He is not crazy! He just needs someone who cares for him. He his not like the other Toa we interrogated!
-Brutaka: Enough, recruit! If you aren’t able to look behind your back, then you aren’t even worth fighting on our side. We need strong, emotionless warriors aware of its surroundings!
-Axonn: Don’t forget your training, said an old member once. Listen to this advice, Rilana. You will need it, if there is a next time. So you have the choice. Come with us and bring the Toa of Shadows to our HQ, or be a criminal like him and live in a cdll for the rest of your life.
-Rilana: But, but…

All of a sudden, Theon stands in front of Rilana.

-Theon: whisperingLook Rilana, I know that you seem to be convinced by my good side. But I don’t wqnt you to become a prisoner like me. You still have a duty to fulfill, a destiny. I have lost a long time ago the belief in the three virtues, but you shouldn’t. I’m sorry. speaks to AxonnI’ll come. No need to imprison her too. Put me in a cell if you want but let Rilana out of this.
-Axonn: Wise choice, Toa. Also, your little friend there will come with us.

Ikero and Theon, now in handcuffs, are walking alongside the Order agents direction HQ…

Well, certainly not a masterpiece. Writing was never my strength. But I hope it was at least enjoyable. I have a lot of free time but no access to my PC, so no comic for now.

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Are the mocs at the top shown somewhere?

You can find them on mynforum topics(Prime Squad MoC topics) or on my website in characters section.

I realay like the tie in to the prime squad (totally should’ve been a bunch of Optimus Primes)

Well the name is in honour to Optimus Prime, who died at the end of the series Transformers Prime.