Theoretical Slizers Reboot Discussion

I am, like many here, absolutely over the moon with Bionicle's comeback! However, I personally count myself as a fan of an older line of Constraction sets - in fact, arguably the first line. You know what I'm talking about. (and if you don't, then I just have no more words for you.)

So, let's just pretend for a moment that Lego would actually consider bringing it back. How would you want it done? Would the story remain vague, or would it be more fleshed-out? If the latter, what would it actually be? And as far as sets go, do you think it would work in CCBS, or should they return to the more technic style of the original?

Let the wishful thinking train commence takeoff!


I wish to see the disks become an all out collectible game.

That, and a remake of the Slizer Foot for my selfMOC's (former) mask.


If Lego was to reboot Slizers, they should keep the really function oriented builds. So technic builds would be their best choice. Also: bring old purple back plis. cry
By the way, the first thing I thought when I saw the Okoto map, was "Slizer planet anyone?". All the separated regions in the elements' colours really remind me of that.


Sounds interesting.... If they made them I would buy them.

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Hmm... Slizers seemed like a neat idea. T'would be fun if Lego brought it back.


I always get a Throwbotic vibe every time I look at the Protectors.

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I like Slizers. The fact that it had a base storyline that was literally never elaborated on makes all the more fun in theorizing what could've come from the line. I was part of a wiki based on Slizers, and even started a fanfic about Slizers after the meteor hit. If such a line were to come back, it would be...interesting. I'd definitely be down for a revival. The story was so mysterious for what it was worth, and the varied characters were really cool.


Unfortunately, Slizers are before my time, and my older brother never got the sets. I kinda want to get into it actually, where would I find this mysterious story online?


Stoey wasn't that mysterious smiley

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What would I do?


Slizers are great, even to the point of rivaling BIONICLE.

Plus they weren't clone sets.


The short version is that, like everything else about the line, there were two versions. The american version, titled "Throwbots" had eight beings; Torch, Scuba, Ski, Turbo, Jet, Amazon, Granite, and Electro, all on their seperate elemental-themed planets, doing... things.

The european version, titled "Slizers" had eight beings; Fire, Sub, Ice, City, Judge, Jungle, Rock, and Energy, all on the same planet (which is divided into sectors much like Mata-Nui and Okoto) doing... things. Occasionaly, they'd all go to Judge's sector, a huge dome-shaped building atop the planet, to compete in tournaments for... reasons.

Then the second wave happened, which made the European version the official one, and had a meteor crash into the planet, destroying half of it. Out of the wreckage came three new beings; Blaster, Spark, and Flare. At the same time, another guy named Millennia appeared, and seemed poised to fight Blaster for... reasons.

Then the line ended.

The story was incredibly vague, in case you couldn't tell already, and lots of people still debate on whether the Meteor trio are new guys, or mutated versions of some of the first-wave guys. (Blaster's faceplate looked like a mixture of Jet/Judge and Amazon/Jungle's) However, one thing you can usually count on is fans using the european storyline and title, but the american names for the characters.

Oh, yeah, and then there was a combiner model made by a fan, called "Hiker Mike," which won a contest and is officially canon. Sadly, he never actually got to make an appearance.

Heck yeah!

Indeed. And you started a fanfic? I would be very much interested in seeing this, if you ever put it up. :slight_smile:

I would love that.
And yeah, I got that impression, too. :smile:


They would be technic built with a special disc arm and new parts for the head and legs

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I never got into Slizers, but a Technic-oriented reboot sound interesting. I'd love to see how LEGO would make a modern version of the discs.


Well, I made it quite a while ago. Plus, I never put up more than the first part. If you want to check it out, here's a link:

It was going to be a five part story, but plans fell through like a lot of old projects. The second and third parts were lost in some old papers and I never had the motivation to post them. The forth was never finished in planning, and the fifth and final part had a rough plot, but no true substance aside from a finale.

Anyways, I can elaborate on the story here if anyone cares. In my opinion the premise of the story was really interesting despite it never being elaborated on.

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Looks interesting thus far!

As far as story goes, I'd rather they flesh out the background, but not necessarily the characters. We could have more specifics on the circumstances, but I fear if they tried to personify the Slizers, they would end up being like HF. For Slizers in particular, I think I'd like it to be a dark or at least grey story. I wouldn't want the clear good and bad that Ninjago has, nor the lightheartedness of Chima. Of course that's unrealistic, given that lego is marketing to kids, but still.

As far as sets go, I'd love to see CCBS adaptations of the slizers. In specifics, it would be cool to see a Metro slizer set that could transform from vehicle to biped. I can also visualize some pretty cool looks for the mutant slizers.

Millennium Slizer would need a new name. stuck_out_tongue


Not sure if this is strictly relevant, but I wanted to point this out:

I actually noticed this when I first got Pierre/PoS, but the art styles look somewhat similar, don't they?

But still. :smile:

Eh, I'd argue in favor of technic, but I suppose CCBS could work. Transforming Turbo would definitely be cool, though.

Heh, possibly. XD It would certainly be less topical now, though it may still work if they say they're associated with time or something.


Chrono Slizer perhaps?

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Cool Poster


Holy widgets you found it. I've been looking for that for years (word on the street was that it was a comic, but a poster is pretty cool).

Where did you find this?