Theory: Kojol and Tridax were the second most powerful Makuta behind Teridax

Kojol and Tridax are more of background Makuta throughout the story, but I think significant evidence suggests that they were actually the second most powerful members of the Brotherhood, even more so than Antroz and Icarax.

First off, the resumes of Kojol and Tridax blow all of the other Makuta out of the water besides maybe Mutran and Icarax, and I think their accomplishments hold the edge over even those two. Kojol created the virus that put Mata Nui in a coma and was responsible for the raid that stole the Avohkii. Tridax possessed a Kanohi Olmak, probably the most powerful non Legendary mask in the universe, and created an army of shadow Takanuvas for the Brotherhood. He also designed the shadow leech pods all the other Makuta wear.

On Kojol

In The Mutran Chronicles, Mutran regards Kojol as arrogant and incompetent, and does not warn him or Teridax that the Order is planning to assassinate him. This actually supports the idea that he was extremely powerful - Makuta are jealous of anyone they perceive to be above them, as shown by their hatred of Mata Nui. Mutran also has a feud with Chirox, but he regards Chirox with a sort of disdainful contempt, and decides to spare his life when he has the opportunity to kill him during the evolution to rub his new Rahi in his face. Compare that with his genuine venom towards Kojol, and the fact that he was so eager for Kojol to die he didn’t even bother to get the location of Artakha’s island from him.

Mutran believes that he was responsible for Kojol’s death by not warning Teridax, but there is zero chance someone as smart as Teridax didn’t notice everyone involved in the Artakha raid getting killed. Kojol, who was responsible for felling Mata Nui, was the single biggest threat towards his end goal of becoming the Great Spirit, and since he already stole the one thing Teridax needed from Artakha, the Avohkii, Teridax was perfectly content with allowing Kojol to be killed. Even thousands of years after his death, Kojol was apparently notable enough that The Shadowed One and Ancient immediately recognized his name and the circumstances of his death.

On Tridax

Takanuva, as a Toa of Light, is canonically the biggest combat counter to a Makuta in the universe. Even Mutran admits that the power of a Toa of Light is “the one power we Makuta dreaded”. Despite this, in order to build his Shadow Takanuva army, Tridax clearly defeated and subdued hundreds of alternate Takanuva. Tridax is usually assumed to be a less powerful Makuta since he wasn’t invited to Karda Nui, but the fact that he was undefeated against so many Toa of Light suggests that this probably wasn’t the case. Tridax was actually kept at Destral because Teridax would not want the Olmak to be incinerated in the energy storm, since a Shadow Takanuva army would be much more effective than a Rahkshi army in his space domination schemes. Teridax was probably actually not expecting Tridax to die before the shadow Toa army was done, but since he was already the Great Spirit by the time he found out, he was fine with the minor loss.


First of all, welcome to the boards. I really dig the Kojol theory, though I don’t feel the same with Tridax. I mean, in the main universe Takanuva almost became a shadow toa due to a shadow leech placed in the right place and moment, so Tridax didn’t need to defeat Takanuva in battle, only manage to build a trap with a shadow leech involved or some other thing to drive him unconscious. Tridax is more of a scientist like Mutran and Chirox than he is a warrior like Icarax. Also, Tridax was easily destroyed by Tobduk, while Icarax killed Botar and almost Trinuma too.


It really does serve to spotlight the accomplishments of these two - you’ve given me a new appreciation for both of them, and I think it would actually be pretty neat if this were true - the most powerful Makuta were under our noses and we didn’t even realize

That said, based on the actual canon material we have, I wonder if “powerful” isn’t quite the right word here, if it’s taken to mean “strong in combat”. It’s not clear how much battle Kojol himself participated in during the raid on Artakha, since he was leading a whole strike force. And, as ToaVidal noted, it’s not clear whether abducting all of the alternate Takanuva actually involved fighting them.


I meant powerful as in the strongest overall combination of abilities. I think it’s made pretty clear Icarax is the strongest in pure combat, but his lack of patience and technical skills makes him less of a threat to Teridax.

What happened to the alternate Takanuvas? Are they still in the main universe?

As of when the story was frozen, they’re still in the prime universe, though many remain in stasis.

If Takanuva (the real one) freed all of them, he could kill Marendar by overwhelming him with amoral Toa who wouldn’t hesitate to kill Marendar.

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In my headcanon, The Shadowed One remained hidden inside the remains of the Makuta GSR and formed and alliance with the surviving Shadow Takanuvas.

Come to think of it, I wonder if the Shadow Takanuvas could be involved in Takanuva’s destiny that Greg knows but won’t tell us

This could actually work. Or the very least rise his standing among his siblings.

I still believe Teridax would not have wanted for the Kojol to die since he still knew the location of the island and was one of the most important virus makers of the broterhood.

Another good point. But he could have used ambushes to do his dirty work for him.

I still do not think they were second most powerfull but certainly more powerfull than they are usually given credit for.

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