Theory: muaka, kane ra, Tarakava and the wolfrat from the legend of Mata Nui are related and maybe evolved form the same Rahi

I Theorise that muaka, kane ra, Tarakava and the wolfrat from the legend of Mata Nui game are related as they share 2 powerful front limbs and a wheel/tracked back limb.

My theory is that the Tarakava spread from the original hypothetical Rahi and adapted to live in shallow waters in Ga-Wahi using its arms to hit Ga-Matoran boats and other Rahi fish and then the original hypothetical Rahi spread into the three muaka, kane ra,and the wolfrat to live on the land. the three muaka, kane ra,and the wolfrat are more similar than the tarakava as they share a neck action feature that might have helped them adapt to the environment that is the Po/Ko wahi region.

Does anyone else see the similarities?
If anyone has any other Theorys on Rahi please comment them below.

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Hoo boy. Prepare yourself.
I mean,
There isn’t much to base your theory on,
As there aren’t any distinguishing features the tarakava and muaka both share, and no features with the Kuma-Nui,which is what i think you’re talking about here,are shared with the tarakava. Also,just because the muaka and kane ra combine into a Kuma nui set wise does not mean they are related. Yes,they all came from the same source,but there is a clear statement that the makuta simply used viruses and energized protodermis to create the rahi, NOT evolution.
This evidence proves your theory wrong, as there is no actual need for a theory.

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Since there’s no biological reproduction (although this is contradicted by mentions of “baby” rahi) in the MU, evolution as we know it most likely wouldn’t occur.

This is the only Greg-quote relating to evolution that I found:

On the Rahi evolution question – Rahi could “evolve” the same way Ultron evolves, by rebuilding. The only thing is Rahi would need someone else to rebuild them, it is doubtful most would have the ability to do it themselves (we have run across some intelligent Rahi who might be able to do it at some point).

The crux of the theory is that they:

OP was referring to the wolfrat, which appeared a bionicle game. I don’t know if it’s existance is canon or not


Thanks, Atobe_Brick

I think that Rahi may have to be able to reproduce at some capacity to be able to populate the matoran universe and the isolated island of Mata Nui as much as they do if the matoran need to use them as a food source. We do see a fish stand in Onu-Koro in Mnog and Greg did metion how matoran eat " In order to survive, Matoran need to breathe, sleep, eat and drink water or liquid Protodermis. They usually eat via their hands, by grasping a food source and directly absorbing its energy, such as with fruit, berry or fish .". Either that or the Makuta are pumping out Rahi constantly at a ridiculous rate to keep acounting for diminishing populations of Rahi rather than doing their evil plotting.

This theory is mostly me pointing out the physical similarities between these particular Rahi.

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I believe they were able to “eat” organic animals as well, and as such, no shortage in native fish from Aqua Magna.

Although the question of exactly how much time the Makuta spent on Rahi creation is interesting. Albeit, they had a hundred thousand years to do it.

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Where there organic animals and native fish from Aqua Magna In Metru Nui?

The organic animals from Aqua Magna were originally part of Spherus Magna iirc

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But did they inhabit the insides of the great spirit robot like Metru Nui or just in the ocean of Aqua Magna?

I do not think that the story team accounted for us to dig so deeply into this.

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This is actually something I learned about while digging for information:

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Inside the Matoran Universe, they had recharging stations that they visited once a year. These feeding stations are mentioned in the Ga-Metru page, but lacking a citation. Though in general, they had other options to restore their energies inside the robot.

While on the island of Mata Nui, they also had Vuata Maca trees as an option. If plants were more common, fruit and crystals are more likely sources of energy.


So If they used the “recharging stations” they do not have to eat or drink for however long they have been charged for?

@Atobe_Brick How do we know what are regular animals and what are Rahi

Rahi (was mentioned in the rahi beasts book as one)

Rahi (was mentioned in the rahi beasts book as one)

Normal fish?

Normal fish?



Was a small plankton originally, was the plankton a normal animal or Rahi?

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The bs01 pages for creatures and for rahi can serve as a guide

I think a good rule of thumb is that the animals that look alien or robotic are rahi, whereas the animals that look just like things we have on earth are not

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But do we get normal animals Inside of the great spirit robot?

I don’t think so. Normal animals exclusively occupy the surface of the planet, according to the quote a few posts up

So the matoran in Metru Nui have to use recharging stations/rahi for energy

That’s right

So, in conclusion, Rahi can not evolve and if some Ga Matoran wants to eat fish Rahi instead of using the recharging station she could make a species of Rahi go extinct until a Makuta makes more.

But with my theory there still can be a bunch of hypothetical Rahi with 2 powerful front limbs and a wheel/tracked back limbs that could have evolved “the same way Ultron evolves, by rebuilding.” based on their environment, and after some time the Rahi get too different from each other classing them as multiple different Rahi species.

Thanks, Atobe_Brick
for contributing so much to this conversation.

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There are definitely some similarities (such as the treads), though, as others have said, Rahi species don’t evolve.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no connections at all. Perhaps these Rahi were designed by the same Makuta, or used some of the same viruses. Until we get more information on the specifics of the Rahi-making process, there’s no way to know for sure if any of these connections are even possible, never mind real.

Some could have gotten in after the Great Cataclysm, either through the tunnels under Mata Nui, or through the hole in the dome of the Southern Continent, but there was no intended, purpose-built method for bringing or keeping external creatures inside of the Great Spirit Robot.