Theory on the G2 Origins

So, we know the basics. Two brothers made masks, one was jealous, he made an EVIL mask, good beats evil at a price, blah blah blah. BUT, What about the Skull Spiders? The mask to control them? The Skull People? All these are interesting questions, and I have a theory to explain the origin. So, Ekimu has the Mask of Creation, Makuta has the Mask of Control. To explain this theory, we must throw that fact away. The Skull Spiders. What are they? Mindless creatures, or controlled wildlife? I think they are not wildlife, but rather sentinels like the Vahki. Let me explain. The Skull Spiders can take over a host, and and are controlled by the Mask of the Skull Spiders. In this theory, the Skull Spiders were made by Ekimu to control crime. If a Skull Spider latches onto a host, then it’s under control of the Skull Spider, while the Skull Spiders are under the control of whomever has the Mask of the Skull Spiders. This would mean that the Skull Spiders could latch onto a Villager who is, say, smuggling illegal masks. The Skull Spiders move in hoards, which would be too much for a villager. Heck, Normoto was over run even with a weapon. Then whoever controlled the mask would make the skull spiders latch onto the face of the criminals. They would then be forced to turn themselves in because they have lost all sense of free will, and are now under the control of the Skull Spiders, who are under the control of the being who owns the Mask of the Skull Spiders. This would also explain why the Skull Spiders don’t seem to require Oxygen or heat, proven when they could survive NOT ONLY underwater, but in the blizzards of the ice region. Now, the Skull People. We can pretty well confirm that they’re all unique except for Skull Warrior. This would mean 1 of a few things: The Skull People are undead Toa; or another species. I have a theory that they are, in fact, Toa. In this theory, we can infer that the mask maker Ekimu was the ONLY being to know the prophecy of the Toa before his supposed “demise”. This would mean no one else would know what a Toa was until the prophecy was discovered when the Protectors found Ekimu. How would he know, then? If we remember, Vakama had visions in G1 about Mata Nui, Metru Nui, and much more. In G2, It’s not impossible for Ekimu to have visions about the Toa, and so he made the Prophecy about the Toa. This would result in Ekimu knowing what a Toa was. If this is the case, then no one BUT Ekimu would know whether or not the Skull People were Toa. Why would this be such a big deal? Well, imagine telling everyone “Hey! Other beings from some unknown location have come and are fighting for our entertainment, and are defending our city!” Their death would be explained by this theory: They were fighting for Ekimu when he fought Makuta. I’m thinking this: Ekimu decides to fight Makuta. Because the Toa are sworn to protect Ekimu, they fight along side him. When Ekimu knocks the mask off of Makuta’s face, the Skull People, or ancient “Toa”, are caught in the blast, ultimately ending their lives. Then I have a connection between G1 and G2. In G1, The Vahi was taken out of the Matoran Universe by Voporak. Seeing as G2 is one of many alternate universes in the BIONICLE Multiverse, it wouldn’t be impossible for Voporak to take it to the G2 Reality. Sadly I have no idea how it would summon the Toa, but that is to be explained once we get more information. Next is 2016. We know that we’re searching for the Mask of Control. My theory for the villain: Rahi. Think of it: The Rahi in G1 were CONTROLLED by Makuta. We’re now looking for the Mask of CONTROL. This can also support the Bohrok Theory, as they did have a ruler to control them. These are my theories, do you agree or disagree with them. Let me know.

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A few things a bit far-fetched but it’s really awesome. Wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of these things are true. Might want to consider using paragraphs.

Watch BIONICLE autopsy makutas darkest secret.
here’s the link

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Not. Enough. Breaks.

Break the text up please.

There’s already a topic on G2 fan theories.
this should go there instead of being its own thing


hmmh, this seems really cool but a bit complicated for a kids product

I’m going to do this before @Chronicler gets here. Seems like a good idea, but I don’t see where you’re getting your evidence. I could just as easily say that skull spiders are actually leftover Krana that grew legs, and that would be equally as plausible. The word theory implies that it’s tested or has evidence to back up its claim.

WAAAYYY to complicated for G2, we don’t want it to become G1.

I can see where your coming from. I may expand upon the theory once more evidence is presented.

Ok, so posting multiple times in a row is called double posting (or triple posting in this case) and is against the rules. If you need to reply to multiple people you can use the @ command.

Precisely! Keep an eye out for evidence; you might still be right.

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