There should be a new category in creative content.

In creative content there are not enough categories. I’m tired of seeing people putting things like clay creations, gundams, photography, photo edits, 3D models, and mask modifications in the ARTWORK category. I think we should have a misc category for things like this. the only one of these I think deserves its own category is photography.

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I feel like if it were to change it would be better to create more specific categories, rather than just lumping everything that isn’t a drawing or digital painting into a misc category.


Anything that isn’t part of the large groups should just go in “Creative Content”, no subgenre.


yeah, i guess so.

Yeah, ‘Creative Content’ without another tag is pretty much that catch all. That being said, I do think they should add a subtopic for ‘Photography’, though I can see how some people could get it confused with ‘Lego Creations’.


I mean, to clarify, those things are still artwork. They are works of art.

That being said, it might not be a terrible idea to have some new Creative Content sub-tags, but it might just not be something the cast is willing to do.

Like @Hawkflight said, those things can be posted into the general CC category. The only reason the other categories exist is because there are a lot of people posting that kind of stuff. Of course, this is primarily a LEGO-focused message board, so having a “Gundam” subcategory or a “Sculpture” subcategory, or even a “Photography” subcategory might not be on-brand.

They’re also quite a small percentage of daily posts. A vast, vast majority of CC posts are MOCs or drawings/paintings, so having a sub-category just for those more niche things would be a bit of a time-waster. The point of the sub-categories is to filter and make finding those specific types of content easier, and there just isn’t enough of it compared to everything else to justify putting time towards it.