There should be a TTV Message Board app!

I think it would be easier to use then using Safari or the Google app. Let me know what you think and if you want it too then spread the word about that you want there to be a TTV Message Board app. I personally really want it to exist.:relaxed:


For me, I honestly think the mobile site is enough as it is. It’s quite expensive to make a quality app, and I’m not sure TTV has that kind of budget. Not to mention updates to keep up with OS updates, and making the app accessible to different OS’s. With a mobile site, google (or whatever browser you use) keeps up with that. The only time TTV would need to change or update something, is whenever we move past HTTP, which won’t be happening anytime soon.


I’m using safari right now lol. It’s not the best and for me some of the features don’t work properly.

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Yeah… that’s Safari for you. I prefer a normal computer to mobile anyway. Obviously, a Mac will have safari, but it’s the desktop version, not mobile, so it will look better.

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But you can’t deny that it would be convenient If there were a TTV Message Board app.


Eh… not really. Apps for websites are only really convenient for the mass because of one of 2 factors.

The first, the owners make the website so difficult to use, it pushes the users to use the app. Pintrest, in my experience, is an excellent example.

The other, is that it allows the users to access the information offline, such as the pokemon TCG carddex app.

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The TTV MB app doesn’t have to be like Pinterest. It can be the website but in a OS format.

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First, there’s no such thing as OS format. OS stands for Operating System. I.e. Windows, Mac, Linux.

Second, the issue is with safari, not the website. HTTP is the same no matter which browser you use. That’s why it exists, it’s a standardization.

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Oops. I mean iOS or android style of format.

There already is an app. If you download the “Discourse” app, you can add the boards onto the app and log in through that.

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Yup, the boards are built on the discourse platform, so there’s no real easy way to have a separate app. I used to use the app for a while until it broke on me for a reason that I’ve forgotten and I’ve just been using Safari ever since then.


That’s odd; it’s always worked just fine for me (though the ads have started to get obnoxious lately). Do you use Android or Apple, out of curiosity? That might make the difference.

Safari is propriety for apple as far as I understand. I don’t think you can get it on others.

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Yeah, I’m on iOS. This also happened a while ago, at least since the beginning of summer, probably more. I just haven’t felt the need to go back to it

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I personally am fine with it being a website. This way I can access it from my laptop, phobe, tablet, TV, etc.
The only time it was inconvenient was last summer when the site suddenly broke.
I still don’t really get what happened back there but this isn’t the topic.

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Thanks you guys I Appreciate all the feedback.

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