Therina, the Psychic Messenger

When the only topics you make are MOC topics…

Toa of “Spirit” (my variation of Psionics), another Toa Vihagu. A bit less finished than the past three I’ve posted. As such, critique is highly appreciated, as I intend to redo her in future.

I want to break up my routine of MOC topics a little bit, so for my next post, should I post some of the MOCs I made before joining the boards, some of the MOCs I made playing around with the new sets, or something that isn’t a MOC topic at all? (Once I figure out what that topic will be…)


whoa… this looks really good, the tube seems a little random though

I’m not sure how I feel about the random Mahri tube coming from the back of her head; I’ve never really liked “hair” in non-Vortixx MOCs, if that’s what you’re going for.

I’d be interested in seeing some of your older MOCs, personally. :slight_smile:


She seems fine. Not sure about the long neck, dark gold, mix of navy and regular blue, but other then that the basic outline and look is fine. The legs might need abit more work though. I like the staff

Too long and skinny neck.
Green gear on back.
Otherwise is really good MOC with very interesting color scheme…


That neck is a little um thin…

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*cracks neck
Alright, let’s review this thing.

-Nice color scheme; pearl gold can be difficult to pull off due to lack of parts, but you use it well here. It works very well with the Mata and Metru Blues.
-The spear looks nice.
-Torso is alright.

-Obvious long neck is obvious.
-Arms look awkwardly positioned, with the upper arms going down and the lower arms going out. That might just be a posing problem though. (also SKINNY ARMS gasp)
-Lower legs are sloppy and gappy. The feet stick out too much from the leg armor.
-Not a big fan of the ‘hair’. It doesn’t seem to have the properties of IRL hair with it only coming out of the sides.
-The Lime Green gear on the back looks odd. It breaks the color scheme and doesn’t really seem to have a purpose.

Overall, I’d give this MOC a 7.2/10. I hope you don’t mind the harsh critiques. :slight_smile:

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You know my opinions on harsh critiques. :stuck_out_tongue:

(the gear was pretty stupid, I tried to justify it on the basis that other sets had color scheme breaking handles… I think I can find a light grey one to use instead)


Indeed I do. :slight_smile:

I got where you were trying to go with it, but it just didn’t turn out right. Light Grey would probably look better.

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It might make you sad, but im preety sure that is Dark Gold (Warm Gold/Pearl Gold is on Brutaka)

If you are right, I should go outside

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I do believe that you are right. Go outside anyway, if it isn’t raining.

Well there is icy snow, is this good enaugh?


Huh, I always thought it was the other way around. Well, it looks like you are right. Should I go outside now? :laughing:

yep and if it is raining go out any ways it’ll wash all that slime off

You should be kicked out of politics for misinformati–

Wait are there rules for that?

(and maybe anyone else who contributes to this topic can start commenting on the MOC again)

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Don’t see blue-and-gold color schemes too often, and it looks nice here. My only gripes are the overlong neck and that the dark blue and light blue kind of clash a bit, but hey, you don’t have to heed my nitpickery.


Pearl gold is Brutaka gold. This is dark gold.


Things that make me go yes
-Torso is pretty good aside from the exposed technic right above the abdomen.
-Thighs are good.
-Mixing of blues isn’t terrible.
Things that make me go "no, just no"
-Upper arms are rubbish. Just, rubbish.
-Long neck.
-Lower legs -_-
-Color blocking isn’t right.
-Exposed technic on back for the sole sake of a gearbox we can’t see in action.
-Feet are too big.
-Hair is awkward, and the head needs work, as there are only two strands of hair.

Once again, hope you don’t mind me being harsh. This is one of your better MOCs, but it still needs pretty major improvements.


Place to holster Spear when not in use.

Not sure if I take this seriously or not.

I deserve it.

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Dude, the neck legit looks weird. Something needs to be done.


The necks on my mocs are long because short necks look dumb. In this case the long neck looks dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

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