Theta Lewa

Lewa’s ultimate form. His mask is made of Rascus visors and a Rahkshi head connected with one long pneumatic hose. I tried making eyes but nothing I came up with was sturdy enough. Still really happy with how the mask turned out, regardless.


No offence but the mask looks pretty awkward to me. I can see that you put a lot of work in it.


This is freaking beautiful! Love the mask.

Mask is weird, but accurate and I see you put a lot of work there. For the rest of the body, it’s ok but… Where did all the Mata green disappear?

It looks… unsettling

Wow that mask… doesn’t look that bad. Great job!

I like it. Very inventive and original. That mask design is a bold strategy, Cotton. But I think it pays off.


Bold mask design

Very nice, my only complaints are the awkwardness of the mask and the skimpyness of the legs. Otherwise, great work!

What does “Theta” mean?

It’s a Greek letter.

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He’s got an inverse head.

It’s the little things that make this so great. The generous use of lime green and the use of the weird clippy things to attach thigh armor. Well done

The hands look a bit ackward and the legs feel a bit too short

your mask work is amazing ! I would love to see the arthron with similar techniques