Things You LIKE About The Channel!

I saw the topic of things you dislike, which I’m not harshing on the topic, I think it’s good to get a little constructive criticism. But for those who are new and want to know why they should tune into TTV, what reasons would you have to get people interested into TTV and why?


I like the fact that they’re getting more connected with the fans.

I like the humor and contrasts between the cast members.

I like the fact that they are really relaxed when it comes to rules and such.

I like the fact that they are so good at finding great content to keep us updated on.

I like the fact that they are TTV :smiley:


LoLz, the fact that they’re TTV is a very valid point :smiley: :smiley: But yeah I get what you mean, they aren’t robots without emotions just doing their job, they want to get in touch and I think that’s what makes them awesome, the podcast really shows it.

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I like that three virtu- okay thats getting old
I like their content, specifically on ebay and anaylis and obviously the podcast
I like the humour
I like mostly everything


I think the reason I got into TTV was the combination of their news reports (even though they’re not technically a news source, bar the conversations with Highly Suspect) and the personalities they bring into these reports.

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I like that they actually reply to most question comments.


I will stipulate that I am a robot without emotions and…I’m just doing my job.

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I like that, unlike most other podcasts and forums and Youtubers, it really feels like one big sort of family, like we’re all related in a way. I could never relate to Pewdiepie, eh makes 4M a year and seems somewhat… distanced from his fans. Like, your one comment on his Twitter is never going to reach him, he’s not going to interact, he likely will never acknowledge your existence. TTV , on the other hand (or shredder claw) I can really relate. They’re not a business, they’re a group of friends who are doing what they love. They’re Lego fans like you or me or that crack-head down the street and have mostly the same interests, so I, for example, can really relate to them. (Especially Viper. The love for Zaktan and the INFP personality type can’t be a coincidence.) All in all, if I were to only be subscribed to one YT channel, and only one YT channel, it’d be TTV.

jk TTV sux go googleblox


@Crunchy Robot without emotions?.. Hero Factory much?.. (Crickets)

YEAH YEAH YEAH! GOOGLEBLOX FOR THE WIN! YEEEH BOI!.. What’s Googleblox? LoLz. Anyways, yes that is exactly why I’d like to be on an episode or something at some point. I haven’t really connected with them but I still hope for the best for them.

EDIT: Double-post

Googleblox is AppLego’s evil-er counterpart. It’s Google having bought Mega Bloks, which is the worst combination I can think of besides MesoXViper.


Except since Mattel bought Mega Bloks it also requires Google to buy Mattel…

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That’s the first I’m hearing of this.

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Okay man, I’ll be 100% honest with you. This post has me really conflicted.

On one hand, I’m seriously grateful that you feel this way; I’m honored to have that kind of enthusiasm about anything that we’ve done. So don’t get me wrong, that is great. But on the other hand, I kind of feel bad for you, because I can’t guarantee that it’s always going to be that way.

Right now, we aren’t PewDiePie. I almost feel sorry for the guy. That guy is one dude who has millions of people clamoring for his attention; as much as he’d like to, he is literally physically unable to interact with his fans the way we interact with ours.

However, Bionicle is coming back, and I really do hope we’ll be able to grow a lot once it does. I hope that our channel will get a bunch more subscribers, I hope more members will come on these forums, I hope more activity starts springing up all around.

That being said, we love the amount of interaction we’re able to have with our fans, but if we start to really grow, there’s going to just be a point where there’s too many fans and there’s too little of us. We’ll never reach PewDiePie levels, of course, but while we seriously enjoy this level of interaction, I feel bad because I can’t guarantee that we’ll always be able to give you what you like the best about us. It’ll be a physical impossibility.

I’m all about seeing this channel grow and becoming bigger and bigger, but there’s sacrifices that’s going to have to come with that too. Deep interaction, unfortunately, might be one of those sacrifices.

Obviously that’s not a prediction of what’s going to happen, and we’ll still try to be as active as possible. But there might be a time where some of you will look back and be like “I miss those days when the you could really interact with the TTV guys and now there’s just so many people that you can’t do that anymore”. And we’ll be very sad that that’ll have happen, but honestly, I’m really excited to see this channel really grow, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.


With the Bionicle 2015 Hype, new fans will eventually follow, younger fans who aren’t used to Forums or who do not know how to handle themselves when it comes to talking to people they become a fan too. It happens, I understand the need for it as I’ve been on that end before, and will probably be in the future.

So what I’m saying Kahi is don’t feel too bad when that starts happening as it’s something people will have to get used to. It’s going to happen at some point but that just means you have a fan whose wanting to talk to you. Yes, they’re not always going to get the attention they deserve, but that’s a part of fandom. I don’t go to Greg going, GREG, LET’S TALK LEGO FOR HOURS WHILE YOU BRUSH MY HAIR, IT’LL BE FUN! Because I know that he’s got a lot going for on his plate already… also that was weird and he’d probably beat the heck out of me.

It’s gonna happen, it’s just how it goes, and it’s not a bad thing of course.

Sincerely - The odd nut who wants people to brush my hair.


Hey Guys!
I like this place because they brought back the original Emotes!!!

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I like Eljay.

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They wont be back for long, as soon as our next update rolls around they’re going to be back to the other ones :confused:

(Those emotes are officially licensed by Apple, and aren’t legally allowed to be used in open source projects like our boards)


What if we just used a picture of Greg Farshtey’s face for Emotes, like one of the members here mentioned? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Alright then, are they new Emotes owned by you guys, or something else?

The new emotes are open sources with the intent of being used by everyone, so yeah we’re free to use them :slight_smile: