Think of a theme song for the word above you

Come up with a theme song, or an alternative theme song for the movie above you. If a song references spoilers please spoiler tag it

Avengers: Infinity War

“Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

Rogue one.


Lol that’s the one I put on my blog

Boom by P.O.D. (I know the movie isn’t from the nineties, but it works imo lol)

Black panther

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Maybe Viva la Vita by Coldplay, but that’s a stretch.
The Winter Soldier

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I’d put Africa by Toto :stuck_out_tongue:

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

For the movie, Jurassic world

Jurassic Park by Weird Al Yankovic

The Truman Show

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I want to live by skillet

Venom (obviously it isn’t released yet so we’ll see how close whoever gets this one is when it comes out :P)

Komm Susser Tod though this is more a reference to the end of infinity war

Iron Man 1.

As for the Movie, do ‘Stray Dog’ (1945 film), or as they call it in Japan,’ 野良犬’

EDIT: changed it to where it’s more like word association, but for songs. Add a new word after your song.
First word:

Is this because I killed it with with my Film Choice?

No it just generally went inactive basically

I couldn’t think of a song about hot weather off the top of my head.


Evil Santa

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That one Iggy Azalea song that everyone hates.


White and nerdy by weird al


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Peter Gunn theme, specifically the version done by the Blues Brothers.


Skyrim Theme