Think or Move

Standing there, staring at the piles. It was so sad, these pieces had such great potential. Each one of these piles could have been used to teach, tell great stories, or to innovate. Alas, none of them were. They lay there in their piles, in pieces, destroyed before even given a thought of a chance to be something great. Something that could fulfill their potential, instead of wasting it. The Thinker sighed as the Mover jogged laps around the piles.

“Don’t despair over the wasted potential,” the Mover said. “Potential is plentiful, there is always more. What you should despair over is the wasted kinetic. All this world cares about is kinetics, your ability to move. Kinetic is a limited source, potential is not. And when you fail to show the world how much you can move from the start, they’ll leave you behind.”

The Thinker looks at the Mover confused. “But great potential can turn into great kinetic if given enough time.”

“Yes, but that is not what this world looks for. If you don’t show as much kinetic as possible, they know that you are too lazy or afraid to ever use all that potential. Show by doing that you will use that potential as kinetic, then they’ll consider how to increase the use of that potential. Look at these piles and despair that they had such little kinetic, they didn’t make it far.”




There is art here, I just know it.


And science.