This Hand of Mine Glows with an Awesome Power (Shining Gundam MOC)


This is why you don't let me sit and fester for 3 days

I start to make crap like this.

C&C welcome.


Is the system stable because it looks like it could get rekt in 5 seconds to me but overall I havent seen a lot of gundum but this looks good

as in, are the parts secure, or what


sees the first picture
Okay then?

sees the rest of the MOC
Woah. That's cool.

It's pretty big, but it's well done. Good shaping and coloring.



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Pretty blocky, especially the shoulder armor, but the leg function is pretty cool. Also, I feel like the torso is too tall, or the legs too short.

Cool MOC, I don't follow Gundam so idk what it does.

could go either way, @Omega_Tahu

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this is lit :fire:

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Looking good! Those standard LEGO colours work quite well. Taking into account the fact that he's mainly built from System, my only main critique would be with the head. It's a tad over-sized (though that's perfectly natural at this scale) and I feel like there's a bit too much green.

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Nice job on the accuracy.

I feel like some SNOT / tiling could really help the smooth texture it should have. My only major are that the shoulder pads just kinda sit above the arms and it makes them look slightly too big. The core lander I like; my only complaint is that there's no room for even a head to act like a figure.

well, that's true.

i mainly wanted them connected like that, in order for arm posability to not be hindered (the shoulderpads are primarily 1 solid block)

yes, true, but to accommodate the gimmick, it had to be made like this.

that, and it's more stable like this.