This is my fan made Rahi the Mango Nakahi ( Which is Māori for Snake shark ). It is a semi aquatic rahi native to anywhere that has water. It behaves like a electric eel zapping its prey with the spike on its tail which it can also use to slash or stab.


I would recommend putting that info in the topic itself rather than having it all be in the title. That was you can have just the name of your creation, while keeping all the relevant material in its own paragraph.

Also, while it is a nice build, it also is four limb pieces stacked on each other with a head. Kinda… underwhelming, I suppose?


Behold, a man

I do like the snake shark’s minimalist charm but I agree with Ghittles, maybe some armor on the body would give him some fullness? Just a little, anyway


Yeah I think the moc could do with a little bulking up, but as it is it’s simple and neat, a good start at least