Thorned Devil

I’m not dead.

It’s been toooooo long TTV, I’ve been wanting to post a moc for ages but my lazy bum has been too, well, lazy, but before I start getting into the real stuff, cough cough TV heads cough cough I want to squeeze out this thing.

Monster Hunter World is an amazing game that I picked up on day 1 of its release. In the hyped, I wanted to build something spiky, and veracious. Inspired by the games flagship, Nergigante.

I wasn’t looking to try to recreate the monster in Lego, I just wanted to make something similar. I wanted to make something with the general silhouette that looked muscular and imposing. Something that could go toe-to-toe with my other beast Mocs and overwhelming them with shear brutal strength. It’s far from my best moc, but I think I did what I set out to do. I wanted to just make a cool action figure.
More pictures:

That it bois


The head seems to stay at a 45 degree angle to not look “flatly” awkward (it looks derpy with it mouth out up front), structure of the torso is nice with the Bohrok head for a frame and the basic limbs doesn’t break the flow.

There is still something missing on this moc; anyhow, it still pulls of a menacing appearance. :dagger:

Pretty good moc you’ve got here

Menacing and well constructed, good job!

If only they’d fix the sideways picture issue.