Thoughts on LEGO Xalax?

It’s a strange question, I know. But it was sort of an oddball of LEGO, using 8 parts and most of them were useless besides to create more Xalax. It ran in 2001, and only for that year. I don’t know why, but I kinda like 'em. I’m weird, I know. I just wanted to see what people thought of them, because I am curious like that. The sets are relatively cheap, and I was thinking of buying them for a Bionicle MOC. So, thoughts?


Oh, so THAT’S what they were called.

I got all of them except for the orange car with the glow-in-the-dark pilot.

Unfortunately, when my younger brother was much younger than he is today, he took a bunch of the really cool ones to a store and dropped them and lost them. I am sad.

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Technically they were called “Racers” but Xalax is more descriptive

I have one set that I got way after the release date. My real affinity for these guys came from LEGO Racers 2.


I don’t remember what those are, let me go Google it real quick…
Oh those. They do look familiar. They certainly have a charm to them, but don’t look extremely useful in terms of parts and such.
…ooh, and they have some kind of sweet smack-and-launch thingy. That’s pretty cool.
If you do make something with these, I’d definitely like to see it. :smiley:

I have no idea what this is.


Search it on Google.


That’s exactly how I feel. They had a charm, and I remember seeing the ads in an old magazine. I had two ideas. One is more of a Xalax centered idea

  1. The Temple of Toa
    I was going to use the drivers themselves as statues in place of Toa Stones. Not a very descriptive idea, but eh.

  2. Xalax 2
    This is more my style. Combining Xalax, and Technic(Speed Slammers to be exact), I will create a new sequel to Xalax.

Thank you for your support. I currently don’t have any Xalax, but I’ll get some off Bricklink when I can :smiley: I’ll post 'em here.


Sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing this.

Thank you, but it’ll take some time. :smile:

Do have any MOCs of the sort, or tried it?

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So that is what they are called! I have two of them, a green/black one, and a tan/black one. A google search names them as Snake and Duster. I think that they are pretty neat, but I mainly only know them from Lego Racers 2.


02 racers, like many cool things, was before my time. They seem okay.


I remember my older brother having a few of them. They were pretty cool! But… I preferred Hot Wheels. These were practically just Lego Hot Wheels.

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These are certainly… odd :stuck_out_tongue:

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'01 Racers.

I got the green one with an orange driver.

Hehe no kidding.
But they had style
Groovy Style :smile:

Welp, this is definitely late 90s/early 2000s LEGO…

EDIT: Wait, they actually have studs!? Wow


I actually did not know they had studs ha :smile:

But I think the charm comes from the 2000’s feel. What do you think of them?

They’re relatively quirky, but definitely not “LEGO” to me. Those front “hood” prints could possibly have some MOCing applications.


Oh man I remember having a few of these. Specifically the dark blue n’red one.
These things were pretty fun.

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