Three Brothers and Elemental Spirits Ideas [Characters] [Pitch]

So I've heard a couple of thoughts from the podcasts, over the last couple of days, that kind of perplexed me. I'm just going to list a couple of my own thoughts, here, that I hope can inspire further feedback and consideration.

1. Elemental Spirits:
At the moment, I have come to the assumption that the elemental spirits are sentient gods that have the ability to grant elemental powers to any one matoran at a time (meaning, the number of toa can not exceed 6, excluding Voriki).
While that's all fine and dandy, I feel that making them humanoid characters could conflict with position of the Three Brothers from a story perspective. For example, If they are as equal in terms of abilities as the Three (as none of them have any specialized powers), why don't they try and stop Karzahni and/or Makuta?
This question could be answered in the long run, but I feel that if the Elemental Spirits played a bit on how G2 devised them, the concept could be more successful.
Essentially have each of the 6 Spirits take on the form of a mythological animal: Ikir-Phoenix, Akida- Bake-kujira (Ghost/Skeleton Whale), Uxar- Chinese Dragon (essentially Lloyd's dragon from The Lego Ninjago Movie), Melum- Unicorn (I couldn't think of anything better, but it would look like this), Terak-Ent, and Ketar-Golem.
By making the Spirits creatures and not mini-figs one can still have them play a part in the story and in the sets, moreso than if they were actually minifigs (based on the principle that they would be more of the buildable-rahi style; I'm picturing pretty big Creatures compared to the ones in G2)
TL;DR- have the Elemental Spirits based off of mythological creatures, as well as be brick built.

2.Mask of Time
At this time, this concept holds the principle that the island's villages will be frozen in time and the toa will (somehow not being affected by the mask's powers) be able to free them and their inhabitants. This concept, while literally degrading every other matoran life-form on the island to statues, greatly, I would say, decreases the level of world-building that could be done; there would be nothing for the toa to see and/or do that would entice the consumer to care about the lives of the island's inhabitants, as they, technically, don't have any lives, period. Now that I think about it, the result of the 'frozen in time concept' would be, I imagine, very similar to how the City of Metru Nui was portrayed in 2005- Barren and lifeless. I do think it could work better for a sole story premise, however, than for a toy.
My idea would instead be to have Makuta/the Rahkshi freeze the Elemental Spirits, thus preventing them from entering into the story and solving everything; the toa would have to free them, along with help from the matoran. From a set perspective, the Spirits come be frozen for so long, that they, in fact, are the shrines of the pieces of the mask of time. The set would be a two in one, with a temple that could transform into a creature, similar to the sets from Pharaoh's quest.
TL;DR- Have the bad guys freeze the Elemental Creatures with the Mask of Time, instead of the matoran/villages.

3. The Rahkshi
There are no solid designs for them yet, so I'd thought I'd try something out. Similarly to the Elemental Spirits, the Rahkshi would be based off of mythological creatures (for reasons which I will explain below), but they would end up being minifigure scale. Or, perhaps, they could just be minifigure rahkshi, but with added armor/wings/bodily features that distinguish them.
Here's what I'm thinking: Turahk-Wyvern, Guurahk- Cthulhu, Lerahk-Griffin, Vorahk-Werewolf, Kurahk-Yeti, Panrahk-Basilisk.
While I didn't coencide their powers with the animals I picked for each, I did try to match their matching element (hence the griffin, with wings, for Lerahk, yet it has nothing to do with poison).
These, I'd say, are, most definitely in need of change/re-thinking.
TL;DR- Mae the Rahkshi minifig scaled, but also represented as mythological creatures.

4. Three Brothers
So first, I just want to list off which relative makes what: MataNui would creature the physical earth/the planet itself, Karzahni would create the Elemental Creatures and Rahkshi, Makuta would create the Rahi, and Ekimu would create the matoran.
I have also listed them in order from oldest to youngest, with MataNui being the father of the Three Brothers.
I would picture Makuta as being upset that he did not create something as intelligent as Karzahni or Ekimu, so he gets a tad jealous. But his downfall to 'evil' arrives when MataNui allows his rahi to be slaughtered as food/shelter/etc for the matoran.
This allows Mata Nui to try and cleanse the world they had created for being so commanding over his rahi (ironic as Makuta, here is the selfish one)
Makuta goes to Karzahni who agrees to help his cause as his mask ('cause apparently he's the only one that has one) shows him visions where the world and it's creatures are in ruins due to the matorans' action.
Karzahni gives Mkuta his failed first Elemental Spirits- the Rahkshi- who makuta raises for, in the end destruction toward the matorn.
Makuta manages to get Karzahni imprisoned by their Father (MataNui) for allowing such dangerous inhabitants (the rahkshi) to escape, while it was really Makuta who released them. Karzahni would remain in his prison, tormented by the visions of his mask, up until when he is revealed.
Makuta kills MataNui, but in the struggle, is himself obliterated due to the actions of Ekimu.
The rahkshi now attempt to resurrect Makuta (for they feel they owe hime their alligence for raising them and saving them from being destroyed). Noticing this, Ekimu instructs the Creatures to create Guardians (the toa) to protect the island from the rahkshi.
The rahkshi use the mask of time to freeze the Creatures (they would be frozen where the shards of the mask of time were found, so that the creatures could be the temples, as I had previously explained), but not before the Creatures select one matoran to be re-born into toa to free them and save the island.
The only issue with this little piece of background info is that there's nothing about Voriki. Honestly, I'm not really sure how to connect her with the Three Brothers.
TL;DR- It's too long to summarize, so go back and actually read it.

5. Make the air/wind region have wind storms.
I mentioned this in a previous topic of mine, but no one really noticed it.
I think it would be a good idea, as every other region already has some sort of weather/natural force - Volcanoes, currents/whirlpools, earthquakes (the earth region never really had them, but it would work), sandstorms, snowstorms - but we never got anything for the air region.


Hm, interesting. Over in a topic of mine I mentioned something called the storm belt; maybe that's where the region of Air would be?

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Instead of three brothers, I would suggest four and add Artakha into the mix. That way we have two "good" guys and two "bad" guys.

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didn't ttv say that karzahni wouldn't exist in the three-year run

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@Drahcir_Nosnevets Possibly. TTV doesn't have an exact island shape yet, so where the islands are located is still up for consideration.

Did you mean Artakha?
I'm pretty sure the TTV wouldn't want to have a Brother named Artahka because that's what they're already calling the island. You could use MataNui as the forth, and still have the 2 v 2 thing playing out though.
(In my topic I made Mata Nui the Father of the three brothers, but making him another brother could work just as well)

@HewksDKowlihad They did say that, but this topic is more about exploring the background of the three years shelf-life, not necessarily the three years, themselves.
It's probably my fault, 'cause I labeled it as a 'pitch,' but it's more of a Pitch of the Past story.