Three in progress Toa WIPS

So while I was building over the last couple days I ended up sorta making three things as I went:

First is my Toa of Sand who is mostly complete except for his mask, which will be a dark brown Miru, dark tan connectors for the legs, and a dark tan cloth piece from the pirates of the Caribbean set ship sail to wrap around his shoulders and back; assuming it works out how I am envisioning. I am looking at changing his eye color suggestions? I had to play around with mixing the browns and tans, but overall I think it came out fairly cohesive.

Next is the Toa of Air. Figuring out a weapon still Ideas?

Lastly a Toa of Plasma, because why not lol. I have a weapon idea, but not sure yet.

comments, critics, suggestions all welcome. Thanks for viewing and have a great evening.


It is so

I like the Plasma Toa’s hand design, did you make that?


Thank you for correcting the scythe as cannon, looks like ill be building yet another scythe lol

I cannot take full credit for the hand design. I mostly altered another design I had seen a long time ago and cant remember who it was, but I changed it to better fit a purist build style and this design is on almost all my mocs now.

Fortunately, the 3L bars, the exo arms, and 1x2 connectors come in a variety of colors so it makes recycling the design easy, because its on my mawrendar, toa of magnetism, toa of iron lol


He looks pretty good so far. I look forward to seeing the completed moc!
As for the eye color, pretty much any color would work, in my opinion. I suggest making them green or blue, just so there’s a little more contrast between the mask and the eyes.

Yes, he canonically wielded a scythe. He also wore a volitak, and didn’t have silver armor, so perhaps this would work better as a Toa Defilak moc.

Regardless of it’s accuracy to canon, the moc looks quite nice

I like the asymmetry, and how the shoulder armor’s design mirrors that of the pakari. I do, however, think that the ccbs shell on the torso sticks out a bit since they aren’t that many other trans-orange pieces on the moc.


oh that mask lol, probably should have read up on Nadhiki a bit, but wasn’t initially building him for that. Well then looks like this Toa of Air will just be his own thing along with my toa of sand, magnetism, and plasma

He strikes me as a scythe user, for some reason… :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: just read the topic LOL… maybe you should do something a little more out-there? I’m struggling to think of a weapon that hasn’t been represented in the canon yet… I’m really into the idea of whips for the green Toa. Maybe try that?

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Yeah I scrapped the idea of him being a Nidhiki MOC lol to much alteration would have to occur. Thanks to the kind folks the clarified a few things about that character. So a whip is certainly on the table, or a cross bow of sorts was my thinking. A whip would be to similar to my Magnetism moc and at this stage I nearly have a toa team lol

  1. I’d suggest the cyan/Nuju blue eyes for the Toa of sand as I feel it would make for a nice contrast with the brown color scheme.
  2. If you’re looking for a more unique weapon, perhaps a sling of some kind.
  3. I’m not sure how I feel about the choice in chest piece for the Toa of plasma, but he’s good otherwise.

Darn, that’s nice. Nearly fully gunmetal, cool.

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I just swapped in the cyan blue, because I happen to have that eye stalk color and you are right that is a very nice contrast.


Your Toa of Sand is too good.

One suggestion though, if you’re open to it.

This could look nice, but wouldn’t a tan mask look better? It could be one of the tan 2001 Turaga masks. Just a thought.

These are all great regardless!


That’s a fair idea on the tan mask. I did originally have a tan turaga mask on him, but i cycled through them and ultimately didnt like the shaping of any of them. plus the dark brown (original brown) is located on him on the feet, hands, and head so the dark brown flows in that way if that makes since. If the Miru came in tan Id be on that lol. The Miru just fits the witch doctor/aboriginal vibe he has going.

Nuju’s noble mask in tan is the other one I am thinking about though so once I have the brown Miru in hand and on ill see how I feel then.


you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Here are some other weapon ideas:

  • daggers
  • flail (maybe with multiple heads?)
  • bladed tonfas
  • gauntlet sword (pata sword)

ooo i like the tonfa idea for sure

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Winged Sword?

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  1. Looks pretty neat, I’d suggest changing his eye color to green or blue.
  2. For weapon ideas maybe some daggers or something?
  3. This guy looks really cool. You should probably change that one trans-neon orange piece though.
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The Toa Of sand is my favorite here. Very unique armor design and the weapons looks fantastic.

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